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Passport and Justice - Essay Example

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The case of Amanda Knox reflects on a murder case, which occurred in the year 2007, where Amanda and her boyfriend were charged and given sentences for several years in jail. However, both them have got their releases in the year 2011 (Jones, 2011)…
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Passport and Justice
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Download file to see previous pages As statements made by Knox, she had heard of screams of Kercher proving that she was present in the location and at the time of the murder. At the same time statements of Knox also stressed on the fact that she was mentally pressurized by the investigation team that could have led her to make such statements. Also, the evidences of the blood stains and the matching of DNA with Knox and Kercher could not prove to stand strongly against Knox and her boyfriend. This was primarily because the weapon in which the blood stains were obtained and the injuries on the body of Kercher did not match (Kington, 2011). All these facts reflect on one very important suggestion that the investigation of the murder was done to the proper extent it was needed. Moreover, while the court or the legal system in Italy has been unable to find the match of the evidences with the murder of the young girl, it could also be stressed that the court did not take significant measures to place orders for the identification of the truth. The blame was instead completely placed on the team of investigation without any strict rules for them to ensure that the evidences they presented could be strongly used to find the murderers. The US Legal System: Any Difference That Would Have Taken Place: An analysis of the case in concern of the study reflects on the fact there had been a lack in the entire investigation process as well as the legal system that did not contemplate well on what could have actually happened to Meredith Kercher whose throat was slashed and signs of sexual assaults were also found. Rather the judge had made statements that showed that he did not...
The case of Amanda Knox reflects on a murder case, which occurred in the year 2007, where Amanda and her boyfriend were charged and given sentences for several years in jail. However, both them have got their releases in the year 2011 (Jones, 2011). The current study focuses on the incidents and the trials that had taken place on this murder, and judgment of the Italian government and how it could be different if the US government was in charge of the case. Also, an overview on the major legal systems in the world would be presented such that an understanding of the legal procedures can be achieved while people move to different countries.There are currently four major legal systems in the world. If any individual travels to different countries, he/she needs to understand the difference in these laws such that they can maintain the decorum applicable in the particular country. Also, in case of any accidents, or criminal acts, the understanding of these laws becomes highly essential. The four major legal systems include the Civil law, the Socialist law, the Islamic law, and the Common law. . If an individual travels to a different country, a study on which law is followed in that country and thus an understanding of that law would assist the individual to keep safe in a foreign country as well. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Passport and Justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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