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The United Kingdom constitution is underpinned by strong, clear principles which serve to uphold democracy - Essay Example

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“The United Kingdom Constitution is Underpinned by Strong, Clear Principles which Serve to Uphold Democracy” – Discuss Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 British Constitution 3 Transformation of Democracy in the UK 4 Parliamentary Sovereignty 5 Case of Jackson vs…
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The United Kingdom constitution is underpinned by strong, clear principles which serve to uphold democracy
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Extract of sample "The United Kingdom constitution is underpinned by strong, clear principles which serve to uphold democracy"

Download file to see previous pages The characteristics of the associations among the government and the residents, the trustworthiness of country’s establishments and the rights and the duties of people define the strengths of democracy. The constitution of the UK has developed progressively to renovate the association between the government and the residents, and to react with the challenges of globalisation as well as the other social aspects. In order to uphold the democracy, there is need for shaping new relationships and instigating drive towards new constitutional reimbursements, which commend parliament and people with more authority and right1. British Constitution Constitution can systematise, allocate and control the authority of state. It sets forth the state structure, state foundations, and ethics governing the state relations. Unlike other countries, the constitution of the UK has no single legal documents which sets out the central regulations and delineate the functions of the state. The British constitution has evolved from extensive time period and from several sources2. Maintaining democracy requires several modifications in constitution. Over the past few eras, the government has followed policies on decentralisation of the UK. The modifications have transformed the constitutional setting of the country. There are arguments which call for more fundamental changes and support additional legitimate changes which can weaken the administrative power and strengthen democracy through direct resident participation in decision making. But it is unclear that constitutional changes would inevitably generate a democratic recovery3. The strengths of constitution in the UK disembark from the Crown and reside with the government and parliament. People of the UK hardly have the likelihood or the opportunity to be involved in the official political process. The major aspect of the UK constitution is composition of arbitrary, infinite and inexplicable authority, and majority of these powers originate from the Crown and are implemented by the government and the Queen. The Queen herself possesses four constitutional authorities such as the right to assign Prime Minister, the right to disband parliament, the authority to discharge the administration, and the power to deny imperial ascension to regulation approved by the parliament. But in recent years, application of many of those authorities has proved to be highly provocative. For instance, in the year 2003, Tony Blair, the then Prime Minister of the UK, had used his authority to announce war to battle with Iraq on fabricated information and without prior authorisation of parliament4. Transformation of Democracy in the UK It had been observed that several western European nations perceived increasing attention for intensifying citizens’ involvement and encouragement in strategy decisions. The UK has certain democratic form which essentially authorise the majoritarian character of British democracy. The regional Assemblies Act passed in 2003 had made the UK less centralised and more decentralised. The UK has developed its own democratic tradition and carefully added components from other democratic models5. Parliamentary Sovereignty Parliamentary sovereignty is the code of the constitution of the UK. It provides the parliament with the decisive legal control ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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