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Anti-social behaviour presentation reflection - Essay Example

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Presentation Reflection on “Anti-Social Behaviour and Young People” On the process We started the task by identifying the core aspects our topic covered: law and sociology. Our first step to start is relatively good because it narrowed the focus to the key aspects and concomitantly avoided us from researching any further than what is necessary…
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Anti-social behaviour presentation reflection
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Download file to see previous pages Our vision of our presentation successfully aided us in every part of the preparation. We were very much aware that to convey an understanding of a very interesting topic as ours, we need to fully understand it ourselves. All members of the group acknowledged this and were very committed with our envisioned presentation. To formally mark the commencement of our first week in preparation, we exchanged e-mail addresses and discussed the aspects and elements to include in the presentation. The discussion was highly proactive; each of the members was able to voice out not just the suggested details as well as concerns or issues early on. This procedure helped us establish not just the presentation details but also a good interaction channel in the context of our being a one group. It is noteworthy that all members of the group were fairly in common ground, cooperative, and comfortable working with each other. I believe these things are important because these enable the smooth run and speedy facilitation of the group effort. In addition, it helped us to individually develop our communication and synergy skills. The discussion’s output was a simplified structure consisting of the 1) ASBO’s; 2) ASB and its characteristic relationship with the young people; 3) ASBO publication; 4) the ABC’s; 5) Policy -- the law aspect; 5) Sociology and Criminology; and 6) Social Policy. Observing the discussion process and the output, one may foresee the smooth, simple-to-complex route our presentation is planning to take route. This route is very significant for us presenters as it will enable the audience to systematically process the information and insight we provide -- a feat that facilitates our goal to pass understanding of the topic to our audience. Splitting the subtopics, I picked the first part, ASBO’s and the fifth one, Policy. I could already see myself perusing some legislation cases for the subtopic Policy. Looking at ASBO as a policy, I am interested to know its basics -- the conditions or clause, evidence, how the evidence is handled, its efficiency in carrying out its function as well as exploring its flaws. I’m quite curious if its pros outweigh its cons and how do young people see themselves in the context of this policy. Marking the second week of preparation, the group gathered to discuss the researched information, forming them together, and checking how our assigned aspects contribute to the topic as a whole. Again, every member displayed cooperation. In the actual presentation, I suggested to present only the ASBOs part and let another member do the Policy part. Deciding to only present one part just came in reflection of my English speaking ability. Evaluating my current ability to communicate using English as the medium, I honestly doubted if I could effectively present the two parts. The subtopic Policy requires a lot of elaboration; I knew I must forgo an opportunity to expand my communication skills in lieu of the group goal. The third week was basically the technical mash-up of our member slides. Seeing the wholeness of our individual efforts was very fulfilling. Looking at our work, I could confidently say that I was really given a chance to participate and my work is very much reflected in the group’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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