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Planing Law and Practice: What's the Most Sustainable Form of Urban Development - Essay Example

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Planning Law and Practice: What Is the Most Sustainable Form of Urban Development? Task: Critically Evaluate The Meaning of Sustainable Development By Examining The Sustainability Principles Underpinning the Selected Examples of New Urban Development, Redevelopment Or Refurbishment…
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Planing Law and Practice: Whats the Most Sustainable Form of Urban Development
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Download file to see previous pages Economic growth ought to be ensured without compromising the natural environment or the quality of life.2 This lays down the basis for a sustainable future that ensures the safety of every human being. Freiburg is a town with splendid history in South-Western Germany. In the case study under consideration, its leading environmental policy and practice or over two decades in Europe will be assessed. On the same note Vauban and Rieselfeld two of Freiburg extensions have generated considerable interest. The following selected sustainability principles will be analysed with respect to these urban areas. Environmentalism Environmentalism is the activism to protect nature from the devastation of activities by man incorporating economical ones. Sustainable development with respect to this principle, involves complexity and fundamentally different concepts involving redesigning human activity plus the economy, and defines it within the considerable limits of fundamental ecological process. This principle ensures moves against pollution, loss of nature and degradation of the environment (Voigt, 2009). This can be achieved by the economic and political strategies set by any authority being in such a way to ensuring a safe environment. Environmental protection ensures that social and economic development is realized. Proper leadership in Freiburg has been the driving force towards the eco-agenda with the city government being dominated by the Green party for decades. This ensures that as global growth is realized through industrialization, carbon emission is minimized and its effects countered by the presence of the eco-green environment. Futurity This principle takes into account the consequential occurrences in the future owing to the present decisions made. The future generations will solely survive in an environment created or destroyed by the present generation. Curwell et al, (2005) argue that this principle recognizes that the development visions of the future generations must not be doomed by the actions we undertake today. This reason results to futurity forming part of the concept that ensures fair share of resources for the present and future generations. This principle ensures that the value of all natural resources does not depreciate but rather remain upfront by maintaining and safe usage. Therefore, on assessing the case of study, we find that Freiburg ensured that its resources are enhanced and upgraded to ensure that the future generations are catered for. For the case of Vauban and Rieselfeld, they have come up with measures that ensure they remain operational and maintain their natural resources by proper usage. Development Any brilliant idea initially starts and gradually grows to become complex. Sustainable and development are two concepts that are remarkably related. When combined they express a process of change and improvement. It entails being serene in a state of continuous hold in the achievement of a world that is ensuring environmental protection and sustenance. With gradual population growth, there greater need to come with means of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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