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Police Leadership and Code of Silence - Essay Example

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A Case Study on Police Leadership and Code of Silence Name Institution 25th November, 2011 This study will look at leadership in the police department and analyze how it handles the code of silence. The paper also measures capability of police leadership in making a difference in handling the code of silence within the police organization…
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Police Leadership and Code of Silence
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Extract of sample "Police Leadership and Code of Silence"

Download file to see previous pages Also, the study identifies other ways additional to the proposed ones to handle the code of silence. The paper also, analyzes effectiveness of a properly led police organization. Proper leadership within the police department can make a positive difference in the police organization in regards to, handling the code of silence. This could be made possible by doing the following; ensuring accountability to all those in the police department whereby all those in the police department should be held responsible for their actions. This will make them responsible as they will be answerable for whatever action they take. Also, strong disciplinary actions should be taken against those who violate human rights; this will enable the policemen to ensure that do their duty responsibly and do not in any way break the rule on human rights. With the introduction of socialization, the police leadership would have greatly contributed in handling the code of silence; this through psychological testing where they are subjected to a screening mechanism both while in training and when they are on duty. This will ensure the police officers are aware of the limits that they cannot break. Police supervision should also be embraced. Police officers should be supervised while they are carrying out their duties to ensure they do their duties diligently without any harm to the community and in accordance with the set rules and guidelines. Other than this, the community and the police should socialize and work together. Here, police officers and the community will live as friends. This will ensure the hatred between the community and police officers is ironed out and that the two groups, police and the community, work together in fighting crime. It will enable the police to give better services to the community (Stojkovic, et al., 2002). Police supervision is an essential part of the police department in handling the code of silence. It is necessary in that the police officers will be accountable in what they do to their front line supervisors. This will ensure there are no favors’ in case handling and in turn ensure that justice is achieved. Supervision is also crucial in ensuring that police officers follow rules while carrying out their duty; this will eliminate the blame game and make it easy to identify those who break the law. Another reason why police supervision is important is to ensure that the officers get the best and the required training. This will equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle the citizens. Supervision also promotes integrity; where the officers do and say only what is right. This will help eliminate cases like that of Frank Jude where the police covered up for each other. Police supervision is important in that it promotes justice because the wrong doers are punished (Stojkovic, et al., 2002). Police organizations are not different from other organizations when it comes to the code of silence. This is because the organizations have a set form of leadership and seniors to whom they should be accountable just like the other organizations. There are other ways to address the code of silence issue in the police organization. One such way is ensuring that there is a set of standards to be followed. This will ensure that the officers adhere to the standards and know whenever they are breaking them. Another method is the introduction of refresher courses; where the office ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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