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This revolution resulted in a social crisis and was majorly facilitated by use of social media. People were able to voice their dissatisfaction message…
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How Facebook Changed the World
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Download file to see previous pages This enabled a serious information flow to the population and creating awareness on their social human rights due to the economic crisis (Smyth 67). The world was changed because of this propagation and political leadership removed them from their positions.
In analysis of the documentary, young people facilitated the unfolding events in the Arab spring through the social media. Young people had a notion that the old political rulers had failed in their responsibility and through their failure, poor economic state of their respective countries was experienced. Lack of employment for the young adults was a major impetus for change that gave their momentum for the social movement (Scott 23). Dictatorship and violation of human rights was among their concern, which also included corrupt leadership. The extreme poverty and educated youth with no jobs were dissatisfied in the Arab countries. This caused major information flow through the modern information technology.
Facebook was effectively used in championing young people’s rights and urging the whole population to come out and demonstrate against poor leadership so that the political leaders could resign from their positions. The youth and the general population were not able to tolerate further deteriorating economy, caused by poor leadership. They had the need to champion the citizens to restore democracy and good leadership with no corruption to help in stimulating the economy. The social media through facebook was the main instigator, which was used as a tool in this Arab spring.
The role of social media is demonstrated in the whole world on how effective it is because it has its own unique power. People are able to connect to one another and share their concerns, thus more mobilization takes place in the process. The information through social media also enabled the world to get updated on the events as they unfolded. The world was able to understand the concern of the Arab population ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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