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Business: Personality of Mark Zuckerberg - Case Study Example

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This case study describes the personality of Mark Zuckerberg. This paper outlines his biography and interesting facts, his contribution to the business and technologies…
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Business: Personality of Mark Zuckerberg
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Extract of sample "Business: Personality of Mark Zuckerberg"

Download file to see previous pages He is one of the youngest billionaires within America and indeed the entire world. His wealth has been exponentially increasing since he has hit the nail on the head by launching Facebook – a website that is loved by millions worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg is a success story because he has made things happen, and that too consistently. He set off on his mission ever since he was a student at Harvard University. His mission, therefore, was to connect university alumni and on-campus students with one another. He was very successful at doing so and later on this expanded to different users who were not a part of American universities and colleges. The commercial activities increased and so did the user base which suggested that there are a lot of laurels still waiting to be unleashed for Mark Zuckerberg.
Mark Zuckerberg is hailed by Time magazine as being one of the most influential people on the face of this earth, back in 2008. He was ranked at number 52 out of 101 people, which suggests the stature that he has made for his own self in recent times. His net worth is $2 billion which is indeed one of the more high-end business earnings which can be understood in this day and age (Brusilovsky 2009). Mark Zuckerberg is an Atheist by religious beliefs. He was born in a Jewish family in New York. He spent his early childhood in New York as well. He had a passion to do programming and his middle school years were spent doing the same. He had a knack of developing computer programs which included a host of communication tools as well as games. His early education was at Ardsley High School and later on, he went to Phillips Exeter Academy. During his stay at the academy, he helped devise a program that would assist the workers in his father’s office to interact with one another (Arrington 2009). He also built a high tech version of the game called Risk as well as a music player which was titled Synapse. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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