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Our aspirations are revealed by the actions and the choices that we make. Our decisions define who we are and take us to that direction that we want to trudge. I don't believe in the saying that opportunities knocks in our doors but it is our actions and decisions which opens huge potentials in the future…
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Why I Chose Business Administration
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Download file to see previous pages I believe that I am born with the innate passion in leading and managing people, earning profits, and developing more innovative products in order to suit the emerging needs of other people. Ever since I was a child, I hope to lead a business organization to success. I have always wanted been fascinated with how a company functions specifically on how it defines itself, formulates its strategies, and execute them in order to realize its numerous goals and objectives. Thus, I hope to acquire strengths and competencies which will enable me to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming instrumental in the success of a business organization.
Being blessed with the abundance of oil and fuel in its ground, Saudi Arabia has almost always been connoted with the global oil industry. Little did other people know that the country offers vast potentials aside from fuel and I have always wanted to contribute in unlocking and furthering the interest of other sectors in the society. I believe that I will be most able to accomplish this by equipping myself with adequate knowledge and skills in managing a business organization. Understanding the internal and external influences in a company will make me capable of running an efficient organization while promoting healthy competition and providing job to people. I believe that the private sector needs a leader which will help business organizations cope with the changes in this global economy.
The economy is referred to as entering the phase of hypercompetition where competition is tough and customers are more discriminating. Alongside, there is a need for companies to evolve in order to cope with these rapid changes which is sweeping the global economy. My decision to pursue business administration can also be warranted by my desire to take part of this transition. It is my dream to contribute in making decisions in a more compelling business environment.
Pursuing a degree in business administration highlights my commitment in setting a career in the private sector. My passion for this field coupled with my interest in enhancing Saudi Arabia's business sector and aim to contribute in the emerging global economy are all accounted for in this decision. I know that in time, these goals will be realized after securing my degree.

Why I Chose Business Administration
Thesis: I choose business administration in order to uplift Saudi Arabia's private sector, to fulfill my in born passion, and to enhance my knowledge in the global economy.
I. Introduction
II. Why I Chose Business Administration
A. To uplift Saudi Arabia's private sector
B. To fulfill my innate passion
C. To enhance my knowl ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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