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1. What type of conflict is described in the case study? The most apparent type of conflict in the given case study is Intra-organizational Conflict, more specifically Role Conflict. There was prevailing miscommunication among the cities and municipalities as to the level of participation of each and this includes the extent of responsibility of each…
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Type of Conflict
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What type of conflict is described in the case study? The most apparent type of conflict in the given case study is Intra-organizational Conflict, more specifically Role Conflict. There was prevailing miscommunication among the cities and municipalities as to the level of participation of each and this includes the extent of responsibility of each. There was no clear-cut chain of command established for the purpose of providing a thorough line of communication with the members of the unit. This was the main reason why it became evident after the incident involving the death of a person due to the group’s negligence that each became quick to wash their hands of any culpability in the act. The lack of hierarchy became a loophole in that it seemed at first glance that although there was meritorious claim to indict those who are responsible, it became hard to pinpoint on who must answer for the wrong acts. The multi-jurisdictional drug units kept their loyalty to the towns or cities that they belonged to instead of acknowledging being a part of the group as one solid unit and thereby creating a deeper impact on its quest to combat the problem of clandestine crystal meth laboratories. This core principle for the creation of the group was also lost in translation as they were only able to function in the arrest of drug pushers and other less grave offenses in relation to drugs. In simple terms, “Role conflict occurs when an individual is not able to comprehend or accomplish assigned tasks” (Stojkovic, Kalinich, & Klofas, p.319). The book also cites that this is the most prevalent and commonly defined conflict among organizations tackling criminal justice. 2. Multi-jurisdictional drug units are common across the country. What issues should be discussed and by whom before such a unit is created? How much of the impetus for the creation of these units can be attributed to increased federal funding and the irrational fear of drugs? The problem of drugs in society has perceptibly intensified in the last few years and many crimes had been attributed to drug use. This has become a recurring predicament and that the heightened fear of the promulgation of drug-related crimes has been an obvious route that leads to the arbitrary creation of drug units that are supposed to face the issue head on, one way or the other. But more often than not this arms of law enforcement turn out to be half-baked attempts that are not really helping with the solution but instead contribute to the problem at certain points. The primary step that must first be taken before proceeding with any organization of multi-jurisdictional drug unit is to ensure that the person or team who is responsible for its conception is knowledgeable of the proper proceedings and that only competent people are lined up to the task. This could be done through selection and training interventions. It is a given fact that in criminal justice organizations it is getting the job done and getting it done efficiently that truly counts. But this could not be achieved if the organization will have conflict that is frequently intra-organizational. Federal funding is the heart and soul that enables the creation of multi-jurisdictional drug units. Once there is already funding allocated for such purposes, it is already imperative that the process should proceed as it would be tantamount to malversation. This is often quite an easy grant given to local governments or law enforcement agencies especially if the purposes provided are drug-related. There is also commonly a substantial fund in the overall budget apportioned with the hopes of eliminating this existing evil of society. 3. Suggest ways in which conflict described in this case study could have been managed more effectively. Should the unit have ever existed? Why or why not? From the beginning of the conception of the unit it is already evident that there was perceived conflict among the members with the disagreements of the local government units. This must have already indicated that there should have first been a precise resolution of the conflict before they proceeded. The larger cities wanted greater participation and autonomy over the group while the others wanted to have imposed equal participation. Despite this particular conflict, the organization continued at the expense of having this persisting quandary. Structural interventions should have ensued to first resolve the conflict rather than having complacently carried on. Another problem was the lack of training and experience of members of the organization with regard to crystal meth laboratories which was the main reason why the objective of the organization to investigate and apprehend operators of such establishments never saw the light of day. In addition, they created another conflict with the fire department where instead of having a working relation there was antagonistic reproach between each other. This could have been easily resolved through selection and training interventions. Instead, each member and especially the leaders chose to go on dismissively. These problems in each by itself worsened until it was punctuated by an even bigger tragedy that caused the life of an innocent civilian. The unit should not have existed for the sole reason that there was no manifest indication that there is a need for a group necessary for investigating crystal meth facilities. The problem is neither pressing nor even existing based on the given facts in the case study. There had been problems with drugs and drug-related crimes in the county but there was no clear indication that such crystal meth laboratories existed and that there are such significant numbers that would compel having a specialized team for such drive. Read More
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