Request Letter for Foreign Certification for the Virginia Bar Exam - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The “Property” course is the equivalent of real estate policy and introduction to real estate, law of rent protection, commercial law 2, law of maritime and insurance, law of obligations in CUK and international trademark law in WCL. Our course on property law included the Anglo-America system of land registration…
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Request Letter for Foreign Certification for the Virginia Bar Exam
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The “Property” is the equivalent of real e policy and introduction to real e law of rent protection, commercial law 2, law of maritime and insurance, law of obligations in CUK and international trademark law in WCL. Our course on property law included the Anglo-America system of land registration. This covers the Regalian doctrine where the state is the true owner of all lands and land ownership occurs at the tolerance of the state. Also covered were the rights of the lessor and lessee with respect to contracts of lease and the potential rights and interests that can occur with respect to land ownership. I am aware of landlord rights and obligations such as the duty to maintain the premises and disclose all the defects which may be attached to the property. My studies also covered the rights and duties of the lessee such as the need to abide by the contract of lease at all times. Furthermore, I have covered the relevant provisions related to the transfer of land including real estate contract drafting, deeds and the methods of assurance of the title which include insuring the title and recording the title. LRWA 2= Equivalent to law of civil procedure and law of criminal procedure in CUK. Our program was an extensive mock court in the classroom where oral arguments were presented and mock pleadings, depositions and motions were submitted to the “court”. Members of the class participated in the trial as counsel for the accused, defendant, prosecutor and clerk of court. A member of the class even played the judge and had to render a decision on the case at bar. A decision was rendered based on the evidence presented by the opposing counsels. The course also covered the rights of the accused. Civil Procedure is the Equivalent of Law of Civil Procedure in CUK I have covered the United States Federal Rules of Civil Procedure which included the Bills of Rights enshrined in the Constitution and the process by which an individual can seek justice in the courts if he feels one of his constitutionally-guaranteed rights has been violated (Farnsworth & Sheppard, 2010). I understand clearly how procedural law complements substantive law in the pursuit of justice. The course has equipped me to understand the procedures by which the pursuit of justice can be achieved. Appellate Writing is Comparable to Legal Methods and Reasoning and Administrative Law 1 in CUK. The course covered the principles and intent of appellate writing as well the grounds on which the attorney can appeal against an earlier decision of the court. I am well versed in the forms and solemnities of making an appeal to a higher court upon unfavorable decision by a lower court. “Constitutional Law” is Substantively the Same as “General Theory of Constitution and “Principles and Structure of “Government Power” in CUK. I have had extensive exposure in crucial topics related to the Constitution of the United States. I am aware of the historical background of the Federal Constitution, the interpretation of theories regarding it this august statements, and the power of judicial review. Our classes covered the structures and institutions of the Federal form of government as well as republican government. In class, there was much discussion about the ramifications of the Fourteenth Amendment, congressional powers, economic and taxation laws, the treaty laws, the powers of the president, political question doctrine, the limitations of judicial review, affirmative constitutional rights and immunities of the executive. “Legal Drafting” is Comparable to “Legal Methods and Reasoning” I have covered all the topics which are relevant to drafting of legal documents like wills, settlements, agreements and other economic transaction covered by legislation. The course concentrated on drafting material which can be used to create duties and obligations on the parties and the remedies which should be included in the legal documents. I am well versed in the drafting of legal forms that can stand the test of authentication and produce actual effects in law. The course covered the principles of legal drafting like the intention and the certainty of the legal documents and the responsibilities which should be included in the legal drafts like Wills, Depositions and Affidavits. “Professional Responsibility” the CUK Version of “Business Leadership” I have already studied the Code of Conduct which governs the legal profession in the United States like the values of honesty, loyalty, integrity and confidentiality. I am aware of the provisions which govern the creation and termination of the attorney-client relationship and how the fees and billing of the client should be executed, (Farnsworth & Sheppard, 2010). I am aware that advertisement and soliciting of clients is prohibited by the Code of Conduct. Our course also covered the code of ethics and conduct that is imperative in the legal profession as well as the history of why these strictures came to pass. “Legal Drafting” is “Administrative Law” in CUK The course covered the legal writing and drafting of legal forms. The course not only covered the necessary format of the forms but also the language and manner in which they should be written to adhere to the standards required of them. Read More
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(Request Letter for Foreign Certification for the Virginia Bar Exam Admission/Application Essay)
Request Letter for Foreign Certification for the Virginia Bar Exam Admission/Application Essay.
“Request Letter for Foreign Certification for the Virginia Bar Exam Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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