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Information security officer and security specialist Jobs which have been advertised require SSP and CISSP certifications and…
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Certifications information security professionals. (job search)
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Certifications Information Security Professionals There are various certifications which are requiredin various information security jobs which are offered to specialists within the industry. Information security officer and security specialist Jobs which have been advertised require SSP and CISSP certifications and accreditations. The requirement for these certifications is issued in seeking to ensure the individuals who are hired are considered to have satisfactory knowledge and proficiency to handle aspects of security on information and technology systems (Harris, 2010). These certifications enable employers to ascertain the capabilities of individuals which have made applications for jobs. The availability of the certification ensures that the organisations do not have to undertake an extensive vetting for the candidates to assess their capabilities.
The certifications and the job advertisement requirements do have significant differences in terms of the activities which ascertain the capabilities. While the accreditation is required for both of these jobs, further technical skills are also required to facilitate the selected nominee to carry out all the activities involved in the job. The technical knowledge and skill of an individual cannot be ascertained through the certification (Frank & Werner, 2011). The technical skills of the individuals are not assessed before certification, but the employers require ascertaining the technical skill to perform different activities which are not involved in the certification process.
As a consequence of the evaluation of the job advertisement requirements and the certification requirements, an element of doubt arises upon the certification process. This is because despite the presence of certification, the job opportunities which are available have more requirements than the certification.
Frank, C. E., & Werner, L. (2011). The value of the CISSP certification for educators and professionals. In The 2011 Information Security Curriculum Development Conference. ACM.
Harris, S. (2010). All-In-One CISSP Exam Guide (5th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.
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