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There is the increase of computer crimes due to the high use of the internet and computer devices. With the increasing reports for the various…
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Research computer forensics or cyber security professional certifications
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Download file to see previous pages uter forensic, the demand is high especially in the police stations due to the need of understanding computer and related issues in the law enforcement line of work computer forensics involves the analysis and investigation of computing devices for the purpose of using that knowledge to provide witness in a court of law. The term involves the collection, analysis and report of digital data in a legally admissible manner.
The specialization in computer forensics assists in the detection and prevention of crime in a country, especially in a situation where there is a digital storage of information. Mostly, digital information may have storage of information in the form of internet history, emails and other documents that may prove a crime. Through a careful computer forensics analysis, it is possible to gain information on the metadata of the emails and documents. Computer forensic analysts also have a lot of importance to companies. They assist in presenting admissible information on business related issues such as industrial espionage, intellectual property theft, investigations of fraud and employment disputes. All these functions and roles of the computer forensics professionals indicate that the various professionals should have creditable certifications from professional certification bodies. It is of importance in analyzing the various aspects required of a computer forensic professional before acquiring certification. The certification of the professional computer forensic individual from a professional body will assist in legalizing the qualification of computer forensic.
There exist various professional certification bodies for the computer forensic professionals, but in this research, there will only be the consideration of three professional bodies. One of the professional bodies of computer forensics professionals under consideration in the research will include the GIAC Computer Forensics certifications. The professional body offers various ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Computer Forensics numerous security system failures. Hacking into national security systems has been identified as a commonly employed tactic by terrorists. When an individual hacks into a company server, he can be able to alter the information contained in the server. Virus These can be defined as programs created to maliciously damage information contained in other systems. Malicious destruction of the information constitutes a crime by the laws of many countries. Manufacturers of computer viruses are, therefore, criminals by definition. Though information can be protected from damage by these malicious programs using antivirus, the problem of viruses persists within the technology industry. As a way...
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Computer Forensics intense but well worth the effort put forth, for CCE certification is “one of the most desired certifications in the digital forensics industry”, ISFCE is recognized by the Veterans’ Administration as a legitimate training facility and has been recognized as an experience waiver (one year maximum), when it is combined with the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification (2012).Another organization that certifies computer forensics professionals is the Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC). They offer three different...
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