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The CMP program website, offers a wide range of information regarding the program, its history, fees, and deadlines and close to fifteen options for additional information regarding the benefits of the program and certification. Additionally, the website offers an outlet for…
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Discussion Paper - Industry Certifications
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CMP and CSEP Industry Certifications al Affiliation) The CMP program website, offers a wide range of information regarding the program, its history, fees, and deadlines and close to fifteen options for additional information regarding the benefits of the program and certification. Additionally, the website offers an outlet for visitors of the website to participate in online banter, through their blog, which is a very innovative feature of the website.
The CSEP website is also very informative. It offers a wide range of valuable information regarding its history, the benefits accrued from the CSEP program, how to apply for exams and how to prepare and take the actual exams. The website is very detailed with further information regarding fees, deadlines for paying the fees and a section with testimonies of how the CSEP certification has aided in their career advancement.
In order to qualify for the CSEP exam, candidates are required to possess a minimum of three years professional employment on a full time basis. Additionally, they should have obtained their experience in the special events industry. On the other hand, the CMP program has a number of requirements for the professional experience and the internship experience. Both categories mandate that the person be in the tourism, meeting and exhibition industry. Applicants should also have a minimum of three years for the professional program and 200 hours of work experience, for the internship program.
The two programs exhibit a similar history of formation and a common desire to promote their respective industries through professionalism, ethics and a strict code of conduct, aimed to improve the standards of the professionals in their specific industries. However, there are some differences, such as their structures. The CMP is more focused on meetings while CSEP places emphasis on the event planning as a whole. The CMP and CSEP programs both offer similar rates for the application and exam registration fee of about $ 600.
Personally, I would pursue the CSEP program because it provides a better forum for enhancing my career. Its ability to link professionals with companies and its wholesome approach, makes it a better option than the CMP program.
I would like to pose the following questions for clarification:-Are there any additional refresher courses available after the completion of the program(s)? Can a person pursue both the CMP and CSEP programs simultaneously?
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