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Understanding ecohydrological processes for sustainable floodplain management - Term Paper Example

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The important worry is about the water scarcity in the atmosphere of ever growing population. The fundamental aspect is water is necessary for every vital biological activity and food production also gets affected in the context of water scarcity…
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Understanding ecohydrological processes for sustainable floodplain management
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Extract of sample "Understanding ecohydrological processes for sustainable floodplain management"

Download file to see previous pages The important worry is about the water scarcity in the atmosphere of ever growing population. The fundamental aspect is water is necessary for every vital biological activity and food production also gets affected in the context of water scarcity. According to Tolba, Mostafa (2004) mankind needs three times the present amount of water used for irrigation, to produce the food necessary for feeding additional population in the next 50 years. Hence, in the first step to get additional water for food production for the future, the additional water resources should be explored.In the next step, the additional water resources explored should be protected by allowing certain ecological processes that maintain water content on the planet. The fundamental aspect in the above suggestion is about the protection of ecohydrology that needs global dialogue on water for food and environment. To make ecohydrological processes sustain in future, the protection of ecological systems, hydrology and water management should be done on global scale, so that every country in different geographical area can share the endeavors of ecological protection. As water is blood stream of biosphere and global industrial development is destroying that blood steam, the protection of ecohydrology without disturbing the industrial development should be discussed. In the context of point of no return, the concept of sacrificing the industrial development for the sake of ecohydrological systems can be explored. However, as the industrial development is also crucial for economic development of mankind the utilization of comforts and the affect of that on the ecological systems can be explored for finalizing the steps need to be taken for the protection of environment. 1
The objective of this paper is to explore the concepts and aspects that help in preserving the bio diversity thus resulting in restoration of water resources. The extent of presence of greenery indicates the assimilation of CO2. Hence, the presence of vegetation decides the content of CO2 present in atmosphere that helps in global warming resulting in decrease of water resources. So, the main objective is to plan forestation in different parts of the world that can neutralize the global warming to protect or restore water resources. In addition to that the thermodynamic relationship maintenance should be an important objective to neutralize effect of industrialization on water resources. The water resources can be replenished or restored when the liquid and vapor phases reach saturation conditions at regular intervals and sustain up to substantial periods. The change of atmospheric state at the saturated surface should occur periodically every year and those regular intervals is necessary for protecting water resources required for mankind as well as industrial development. However, to attain the above point of saturation at maximum number of places on the plane, the extent of usage of water and natural resources at each geographical point in the planet is necessary to restore the necessary vegetation that results in vapor liquid saturation that helps in maintaining and protecting water resources. Another important aspect in restoring water resources used up due to industrial development is protecting and increasing under ground water resources that grow due to percolation of water into the soil. The percolation component decides the capillary rise or fall in water table at a particular point. Hence, the surfaces that allow percolation of water into the soil should not be decreased thus maintaining the capillary rise in water table a constant process. 2
Another objective in this paper is to explore the methods and knowledge of preserving food plain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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