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The writer of the essay "Officer’s Perspective" suggests that the best way to maintain personal safety whilst working within a prison environment is to understand that the prisoners are always looking to run away from their cells and hence keeping them locked at all times is indeed quintessential…
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Officers Perspective
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Officer’s Perspective
As an officer, my biggest challenge is to make sure that the law and order conditions within my sphere of profession are adhered to in a staunch way and that any transgressions within this department are taken care of by me in a proactive manner. I would make sure that my biggest challenge does not pose as a hindrance within my working domains and gives me enough confidence and motivation to fulfill my obligations time and again. My challenge would be taken care of by my skills and abilities and if I do not fulfill them accordingly, then there is no use in me being an officer. My challenge is therefore something that I hold very closely to my heart and I will do my utmost to turn them into possible solutions.
As far as the correction of the challenge which indeed is the issue is concerned, I would do my best in terms of what I have learned on the job and prior to that. I would go all-out in the wake of making sure that these difficulties and hindrances do not come about as a stern test for me and would find ways and means through which my working basis is strengthened nonetheless. This is one important aspect of my professional self and I will fulfill it to the best of my skills and abilities (Meadows, 2011). The correct stance of this issue would only come about if I remain head-on with what I have planned and do my best at all times to turn the challenge into a possible solution in the coming times.
Within a prison environment, it is of paramount significance to inculcate trust because it is the basis of aligning people with one another, and also to keep them in close company of each other. Trust is also significant because it gives people what they require – a sense of empathy and a caring attitude that runs supreme within such professional settings. However, a prison environment looks up to the important realm of trust because officers need to respect amongst their clan and thus bank on their own selves without any outside interference in their work. Without the basic premise of trust, nothing shall be achieved and the prison environment will only suffer as a result of the same undertakings (Gottschalk, 2011).
The best way to maintain personal safety whilst working within a prison environment is to understand that the prisoners are always looking to run away from their cells and hence keeping them locked at all times is indeed very quintessential. If they know that the police officers are being negligent and not taking care of their duties, then it would be correct to fathom here that the safety issues will crop up instantly. Personal safety can also be asserted when everybody adheres to the basic rules and regulations within the prison environment and when there are absolutely no transgressions within such departments. In fact safety must always be emphasized upon because it is important for just about everyone present within such a scenario. However following the rules is indeed the first and foremost aspect that could be looked into here.
Seniority is something that comes down as an important metaphor without any doubt whatsoever. This means that senior police officers are given the respect and dignity that is commensurate with their qualifications and experience. It is only natural to remark of their seniority through an understanding that they would receive better salaries, perks and privileges. Within a prison environment, seniority manifests its own self in a whole-hearted fashion nonetheless (Griffin, 2011). This is because seniority will mean that there is a proper chain of command that is being followed here and there would be no glitches if the modus operandi is being made use of in entirety. Senior officers are always looked up to whenever there is an issue that needs their concentration and even in cases where their consideration is not of much significance. The role remains important anyway.
Since I would be on a senior level, this importance would mean a great deal when it comes to my personal safety. It would implicate for more security that needs to be provided to my domains so that I remain safe and sound at all times. This is one of the most aspects that surround my safety because my position is such that it becomes open for just about everyone to reach me and thus fulfill his desires to hurt me or get rid of me completely. Hence my safety is of paramount essence under such aegis of seniority without any doubt.
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