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New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Access - Assignment Example

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This paper "New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Access" focuses on the fact that the business constraints would be to the management of data integrity as well gathering of information from different sources. The organisation has to refer to several other counterparts to get the required details …
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New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Access
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Download file to see previous pages The inputs can be obtained from the user in n number of ways, but the method chosen should be easily understandable by the user. The interpretations of data should be understandable by the user. Once the method was chosen, the design became apparent.
The form basically offers two options for the user. One, to view previous results and two, to enter results online. Initially, the user has to choose the year of competition, then the week and finally the teams to play for that week. From here the option varies. If the year selected is in the past, the user can either view the results or else can update the results for present and future games. This is done by virtually hiding all the controls present in the form until the user clicks on the appropriate buttons which are ‘View’ and ‘Update’ (the names are self-explanatory). This is done by marking a tag to all these controls and setting their visible property to ‘false’. A sample piece of code is shown below.
Once these are decided, the user can select the ‘GO’ button, to view the result input boxes filled with players’ names adjacent to them. Once the user fills and clicks on ‘Save’, the data gets stored in appropriate tables. The query used to update these values is given below:
The creation of the financial report detailing the players who are members for current fiscal and those who are not, basically depends on the data available in the two tables namely, ‘Members’ and ‘Players’. These tables contain details regarding the players, their member ids and their membership details. The report is created using the Report Wizard of MS Access which lists out the fields that need to be presented in the report, in addition to the variables based on which the report has to be ordered.
The report is generated by analysing the value of the ‘Members’ table field column, current which mentions whether the player is a member or not.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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