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Terrorism in America: Identifying Patterns of the Activity - Research Paper Example

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Spatial and temporal analysis of the pre-attack period activities in previous terrorist cases may show existing patterns which potentially offer particularly insightful information to law enforcers about terrorism ultimately resulting in interdiction. …
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Terrorism in America: Identifying Patterns of the Activity
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Download file to see previous pages The hypothesis for this particular study is that a common pattern can be identified according to type of terrorism, thus presenting opportunities for interdiction by authorities. This requires a wide analysis of the data available on terrorism using several variables since terrorism is quite multi-faceted, after which patterns can be identified and a conclusion reached on whether the information generated can be helpful in counterterrorism efforts. Literature review Whereas a great deal of work has been done on criminology as a whole, empirical research on terrorism has not been quite profound, especially when narrowed down to the pre-attack activities of terrorists. However, there are several researchers who have written material that relates to pre-empting terrorist strikes. To begin with, previous work indicates that criminals undertake either criminal or non-criminal activities in preparation of their planned crime. This involves actions like purchase or pilferage of explosives, identity falsification, counterfeiting, making bombs and suspect monetary transactions. It has also been shown that such activities are in most cases committed within a short distance from the suspects’ residences or the groups’ bases (Reppeto, 1974). This study is particularly important since it indicates that preparation is common and localized near the suspects’ bases, hence pointing to spatial aspects that can be studied. Brown et al. (2004) studied strategies for spatial forecast for terrorism attacks in urban areas and reckon that these are especially important in combating terrorism since they allow early prevention and detection. They used a combination/fusion of spatial techniques and logistic regression modeling to...
Terrorism is a major concern in America as evidenced by numerous polls conducted on the public. One of the strategies that can be integrated in counterterrorism efforts is analyzing the pre-attack activities in terms of time schedule, reach and incidents, thus a possibility of preempting attacks. There is scarce empirical data on the spatial and temporal aspects of terrorism, although a few researchers have made notable efforts on the subject. Through use of a point-pattern analysis method, data in the ATS database can be used to gain possibly special insights into the spatial and temporal activities of terrorists before they carry out an attack. The suggested study design and proposed methods of data collection and analysis make for valid and reliable results, and the main weaknesses in this study is the fact that it does not address the extensively amorphous and variable nature of terrorism crimes. The results could however be quite applicable to environmental and international terrorism cases. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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