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The Patriot Act Impact on Law Enforcement - Research Paper Example

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According to the report, after the September 11 attacks, the American government saw it necessary to shield its population from incidences of terrorism. The measures taken included the amendment of laws, to empower the law enforcement, and intelligence agencies of the country…
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The Patriot Act Impact on Law Enforcement
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Download file to see previous pages Law enforcement is an integral part of ensuring the security of the US public is restored. This is because they are responsible for enforcing the policies recommended to restore the security of the country after this attack. The correction system also plays a crucial role in ensuring the security of a country is maintained.
The security of citizens of a country is high up on the priority list of any nation. This is not any different for the US. After the devastating attacks of September 11, the American government was made to realize that measures needed to be taken to make certain that a repeat of the attacks does not occur on American soil. In order to restore security and treasure that the American public of their security, President George W. Bush signed an act into law that would significantly influence the security policies of the country. The patriot act was created in order to ensure that the intelligence community and law enforcement agencies were empowered by law, to combat acts of terror rather than be held back by it. The act reduced the restrictions that affected the intelligence agencies while gathering information on terrorist threats against the US. The act also expanded the mandate of the secretary in the treasury department to have the authority to have power over the financial transactions, mostly those that involved individuals from foreign nationalities, and entities in order to make it difficult for terrorism to be funded within US soil. The act also aimed to strengthen its border security and control immigration to prevent the percolation of terrorists into the country (Bailie, 2012). They empowered the immigration authority to detain entrants who were suspected of having any link to terrorism. The authorities were also allowed to deport the individuals who could pose a terrorist threat to the country. This provision will ensure that terrorist elements a rode from the American population ensuring their safety.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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