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A Comparative Analysis of Three Architectural/Interior Design Companies Bluarch Bluarch Architecture and interiors was founded in 2004 by Antonio Di Oronzco, who combines his work as the principal of this company with his continued work teaching both architecture and interior design at several institutions…
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Firms Research
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Download file to see previous pages The firm prides itself on being, “Dedicated to design innovation and technical excellence” (Bluarch 7). Having expanded its ventures to many areas of the globe Bluarch has been discussed in various publications and has also been involved with several exhibitions from all over the globe. The firm has used its extensive marketing to extend its boundaries significantly in the few years they have been established, enabling them to carry out projects not just throughout the U.S.A but also in a in a wide range of countries which include Korea, the U.K., Italy, Russia and the Ukraine. In the area of interior design, the company works on projects in both residential and commercial settings. In the commercial area this can encompass work in hospitality (including restaurants and nightclubs) as well as within retail and office spaces. Whilst in the area of architecture their projects are extended to include opera houses, movie complexes and even a parachute pavilion that was constructed in Brooklyn. Fisher Maranz Stone Like Bluarch, Fisher Maranz Stone is based in New York City. More specifically the firm is housed in a classic district loft space and has been around for a little longer than Bluarch having been established in 1971. The company was originally founded by the trained architects and interior designers Jules Fisher and Paul Maranz who continue to operate as the company’s principle designers. They were later joined by Charles G. Stone who, whilst specializing in theatre lighting, has since become the President of the company. They are assisted in the workings of the business by several principal associates who function not only in the area of design but also in finance, marketing and IT. They also employ a dozen junior designers and several administrative staff thereby making it significantly bigger than Bluarch. Specializing in lighting designs, the firm claims to “Use light to narrate the architect’s story enhancing the communication of design through environmentally and economically conscious lighting solutions”. (FMS 1) Furthermore, for over forty years the company has incorporated their designs into a vast range of locations and has created lighting solutions for over 2500 projects around the world, that include museums and towers, corporate interiors and concert halls, private residences, casinos and universities, and have even extended their practice to airports and train stations. Jeffrey Beers International The introduction to this company’s website opens by describing how one can “Step into an environment by Jeffrey Beers International and you will discover a setting rich with imaginative variations on classic themes of glamour, elegance, wit, and seduction”. (Jeffrey Beers 1). Again this company resides in New York City, and was established there in 1986 by Beers who graduated from university with a degree specializing in architecture. Concentrating its projects mainly within the areas of hospitality and retail, the company has nevertheless expanded to carry out projects in private residencies and office spaces as well as nightclubs. The company has now expanded its operations to encompass some 12 countries up to the present time although they are continually looking to expand even further afield. The team is built on the specialists skills of a number of associates who operate not only in the field of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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