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What are the three most important aspects or sections of the constitution - Essay Example

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The Constitution aids in enforcing the boundaries and rights of this relationship. While every aspect and section of the Constitution is important to maintaining control and equality in the United States amongst all citizens, there are some sections that stand out from the others. …
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What are the three most important aspects or sections of the constitution
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Download file to see previous pages The Constitution aids in enforcing the boundaries and rights of this relationship. While every aspect and section of the Constitution is important to maintaining control and equality in the United States amongst all citizens, there are some sections that stand out from the others. The Constitution, penned over a span of many years and approved of on September 17, 1787, consists of numerous articles, clauses, and amendments that help to define the relationship that exists between the government, the states, and every citizen of the United States.The first ten amendments, also known as the Bill of Rights, the Fifteenth Amendment, and Article Five each have a significance not only in its context, but in the history behind their existence. Bill of Rights The first ten amendments in the Constitution are more commonly referred to as the Bill of Rights and were among the first laws agreed upon for United States citizens. Just as the name suggests, the purpose of these amendments is to outline the legal rights that all United States citizens are entitled to. The significance of the Bill of Rights is that they show some of the issues that existed back when they were first penned in 1789; they also reveal the responses that were given to some of these problems and what was done to overcome them. These were issues that were at the hearts of many of the citizens of America, as well as the government officials that could make the desired changes for the sake of humanity. As amendments of the Constitution, these rights are meant to be upheld and exercised as people see fit. They are also used to help citizens should their rights be questioned, especially in a court of law. One of the most important and most exercised amendments in the Bill of Rights is the First Amendment, which allows for freedom of religion, speech, assembly, and petition. It is this amendment that has allowed people to speak their minds and express their thoughts and feelings, just as long as they adhere to the portion of the amendment that goes against speaking with the intention of starting a physical altercation with another. Under this amendment, citizens are able to freely express themselves as individuals, providing opportunities to healthily debate with others that do not agree on the same position. The significance of this amendment is that it allows citizens to exercise their rights to be individuals without having to censor themselves. Furthermore, it is because of the First Amendment that the United States has the media and art that it does. By exercising their rights to speak or express themselves freely, people have written literature, painted pictures and buildings, and have made careers as musicians under this amendment. It can be said that an entire amendment is the cause of a free, expression-filled America. Yet another most touched-upon amendment, as well as the most controversial, is the Second Amendment, which allows citizens the right to possess weapons. The importance of this amendment is that it provides citizens with the opportunity to protect themselves and their families. Despite the controversy surrounding this amendment and how it should be interpreted, this amendment is being used to make sure that people are entitled to certain levels of physical protection. The Second Amendment is currently being tried in college campuses throughout the United States with the hopes that school-related violence will be drastically decreased. This amendment caters to the safety of American citizens while ensuring that the method of safety is properly implemented and not abused. The importance of these two amendments does not suggest that the other amendments are unimportant to the citizens of the United States. The Sixth Amendment promises a speedy trial for criminal offenses and the Seventh Amendment guarantees a trial by jury of the defendant's peers; the Fourth Amendment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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