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EU Law - Incidental Direct effect and indirect effect - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: EU Law- Incidental Direct Effect and Indirect Effect The objective of the essay is to determine whether Bob and Martin can use EU law in providing a fibre optic cable for Bob and a high speed broadband for Martin. The issue regarding Bob is on the application of the direct effect on a regulation…
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EU Law - Incidental Direct effect and indirect effect
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Download file to see previous pages GB Open Search has a contract with the Ministry of Science and Technology to install the fibre optic cable. The issue regarding Martin follows EU passing a directive (fictitious) on the right of all residents to high speed broadband by January 2014. This directive includes the duty to replace all existing broad band connections with modern connections to the new fibre optic system.1 It is to be implemented by member states by July 2013. UK uses a statutory instrument to implement the directive that says “all connections within private buildings will be replaced with modern connections”. The connections are being changed by a subcontractor Sparky Limited who has been given the discretion as to how it will complete the job as long as the job is completed by December 2013. 1 J. Fairhurst, Law of the European Union (London: Pearson Longman, 2009), 22. Sparky Limited has been given details of all current broadband users in order to contact them and change the connections. Martin who has a small IT business leases part of a building used by a local secondary school for his business which is a public building. Sparky refuses to replace the connection on grounds that they were only contracted to replace connections in private buildings. ...
The direct effect of regulations in EU law can be applied. Under EU law Article 2492 and Euratom 161 regulations and the final decisions usually have a straight impact and no federal legislation is in most cases needed in order to effect them. The regulation on replacement of copper wires to fibre optic network by the EU cannot be transposed by the UK. Regulations can be termed as the legal formulated acts that gives the EU permission to encroach on the member state’s legal systems and because of the power of the EU, the laws will apply in all Member States. UK has no rightful power to use the regulation in part. 3 In the case of Martin the EU passes a directive on the right of all residents to high speed broadband by January 2014. Under EU law Martin can apply the vertical direct effect of directives against the UK government for not implementing the directive properly and the horizontal direct effect of directives against Sparky Limited for refusing to connect him with the ____________________________ 2 Article 249 EU 3 Leonesio v Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry [1973] Case 93/71 p. 352 high speed broad band. Directives differ from regulations as they are not generally applicable. The directive becomes national law when it has been fully implemented within the time frame The EU directive obliges the UK to transpose the requirements of the directive into national law to implement it choosing how and the form to implement it. In this respect, the UK used a statutory instrument to implement the directive by saying “all connections within private buildings will be replaced with modern connections” Martin has a case because the directive was not properly implemented. The Principle of Direct Effect and its applicability Direct applicability ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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