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The executive branch of state government - Essay Example

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In the paper “The executive branch of state government” the author analyzes the three government branches which entail the legislative branch for law making, executive branch for law enforcement and the judiciary that decides appearing cased under the law…
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The executive branch of state government
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Download file to see previous pages The public elects the president to serve a term of four years after which he can be reappointed to power again, (Brannen & Baker, 2005).
The presidential position term is renewable once through reappointment. The executive ensures that the national laws implemented and enforced, (Ferguson, 2006). This is done in order to ensure that the daily responsibilities of the federal government are carried out smoothly. These responsibilities include collecting of taxes, representing the political and the economic interests of United States to the world and safeguarding the affair of the nation within its borders. The president enacts and implements the legislative laws. The president also bargains contracts, and he heads the armed forces and the state.
  The congress also labeled as the legislature comprises of the senate and the members of the house. The senate comprises of two legislators from all the states and the assembly involves the two houses. Similarly, the senate consists of about one hundred senate members, each state with two representatives, and the public appoints the senate members from their states. They serve for the period of six years after which can be reelected for another six-year term. The nation’s assistant president heads the congress, (Gershman, 2008). However, he is not expected to vote unless in a special case like when a tie between two powers occurs. The senate also has the duty of approving the presidential nomination to the cabinet as well as other related posts....
The senate should rectify the contracts made by the government by approximately two-thirds approval votes. The representative body consists of state representatives from various regions. The population they represent from their respective states determines these representatives. Presently, there are about 436 house members. The increasingly populated states give more representatives to the legislature that the scarcely populated states. The representatives are appointed by the public to rule for a term of two years, and the representatives appoints the speaker of the house. The crucial role of the legislative department is to make state laws, by first drafting the law and later discussing it, (Hall & McGuire, 2005). The congress votes whereby by if the law is voted in by at least two thirds, is adopted as law for the nation upon approval by the president. The judiciary The judiciary entails the Central Court of the US (that head the judiciary) and minor national courts, (Garcia, 2003). The difficult cases from the legislative department are taken to the judiciary for hearing. The body rules whether a case is legal from the constitution or not. The president chose such justices and the senate approves them. The power of the Supreme Court is final and thus cannot be challenged by any court. Theories Collective action This theory explains how people can cooperate to over social dilemmas they face. Collective action hypothesis suggests that people have the power to discern cooperation values and social rules. This is a shift from the normal capacity of a human being, in which he exhibits self- interest and short-term benefits. This extends the accomplishment of the collective action. However, the solidarity attitude can be eliminated if ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Executive Branch of State Government Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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