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On a federal level, the president is elected by a majority vote. The state laws and constitution, regulated by the state legislature regulate elections at a…
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You select the topic of your work. It must have a direct connection
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Download file to see previous pages The current governors can be competent leaders in the nation and their state. The challenge to incumbent is to mobilize the many resources that are available to them properly to pursue the responsibility entailed by their office today. Since the year 1985, the America state has made statutory and constitutional changes to grant governors more powers.
Governors have more formal powers in the American government. To fulfill the roles given to them, governors must have a variety of resources, tools and powers at their disposal (Kousser & Justine 43). Some of these powers come from the office of the governor itself and are referred to us institutional or formal powers. In case the gubernatorial office provides limited formal powers, the governors turn to other available resources to succeed in his or her endeavors (Kousser & Justine 105). There are four aspects of formal powers that governors are provided for. First, there is the budget power which is the degree of state control in preparing the budget for the state. Second is the tenure potential which determines the length of the terms that the governors is eligible to be in office. Next is the power of appointment that provides him or her the gubernatorial control of appointing essential state administrators and finally they have the veto powers, which is the power to oppose any legislation that they don’t agree with.
The branch of the executive is in charge of administering state laws whereby the governor is responsible for overseeing this process. For the governor to effectively carry out these responsibilities, he or she has to have a bigger say in the appointment of officers who are in charge of administering these laws. This power of appointment is an important asset for the governors. Recent research has shown that a state administrator who are directly appointed by the governor will more like respond to his or her political and administrative preference (Margaret 200).. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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