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Unit 6 management of information systems - Essay Example

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Write up a summary: What do they sell? What do their affiliate programs promise, and in return for what? Classify each program as pay per sale, pay per click, pay per lead, or…
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Unit 6 management of information systems
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Download file to see previous pages 3 years tracking duration, use two sales tracking methods, and promise being able to be part of an ‘exclusive group of affiliates’ so that affiliates can “be happy and earn money”. There is no cost to join, and participation is open to everyone but subject to review.
Program Details: Monthly payments by paypal or wire transfer with a minimum payout of $100. Joining the program requires filling in a registration form, after which the website will be evaluated for suitability. No other promises are made.
Program Details: Site promises to give 50% of any income it receives from visitors referred. Payment is monthly as long as the amount exceeds $25 otherwise it gets carried over to the next. No further promises are made.
Choose a topic in which you are interested. Select three different search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo!, and MSN) and use them to look for information about the subject. Rank the performance of each site. A long list of sites that provide too broad a range of information is bad; a shorter list of sites that provide more narrowly defined information is good. Explain your ranking.
The topic selected to test the search engines was ‘making a solar powered water heater’. The aim was to obtain detailed information with clear instruction on how to make such a device on one’s own. The search engines tested were Google, Yahoo and MSN accessed on 10 August 2009, and only the first page of results were analyzed. After entering the key terms ‘make’, ‘solar’, ‘power’, ‘water’ and ‘heater’, the following results were obtained:
Google returned about 545,000 results displaying the first 10 (as standard) in 0.25 seconds, plus a further 11 sponsored links. The top link in the list was This is an excellent collection of copious information and links (with summaries) to other sites rightly deserving its position at no.1. Yahoo’s top result was at no. 2 on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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