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The Response of Law Enforcement Agencies and Efforts to Combat Juvenile delinquency and the Effects both have on Society - Research Paper Example

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Juvenile delinquency is on the rise in the world today. To law enforcers, policy makers, and practitioners, response to juvenile offending has for a long time remained a unique policy and further proving to be a practice challenge. …
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The Response of Law Enforcement Agencies and Efforts to Combat Juvenile delinquency and the Effects both have on Society
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Extract of sample "The Response of Law Enforcement Agencies and Efforts to Combat Juvenile delinquency and the Effects both have on Society"

Download file to see previous pages After the predication that a new wave of increased juvenile delinquents that would involve itself in serious crime. This era had many terms that described juveniles. The fear that numbers of juveniles would increase in the years that followed made many of the juvenile systems readjust their objects (DIANE Publishing Company 12). Because of the perception that the future juveniles would prove to be hardened criminals without morals and values, the juvenile systems opted to adopt punitive measures in the juvenile system. In real sense, the predicated new wave of merciless juvenile delinquents never appeared. However, the adolescents who committed offences in this era faced a system that treated them like the adults who were committing crimes. During this period, most of the delinquents facing charges received trial in courts that did not factor out that their age limited their competence in undergoing the trial process (Lipsey, et al 2). The results of the punitive juvenile system were devastating. Many of the delinquents ended up with life sentences without parole. Cries from the public about the treatment of juveniles in the justice system called for a change. In addition, psychologists proved that the maturity of the human brain occurred at 22 years. According to the new revelation, it was obvious that juveniles had deficiency in making sound decisions under immense emotional impulses. The scientific evidence and cries from the public forced the juvenile system to reconsider the rehabilitative purpose (Dood and Cesaroni 101). The implementation of the rehabilitative juvenile system needs to consider approaches that will influence the lives of the juveniles positively (Regoli, et al 70). Many approaches that have been in use have proved ineffective....
That juvenile delinquency is a problem in society especially when juveniles indulge in felony cases. Different juvenile systems are using different strategies in combating delinquency. From an examination of the issue, it is clear that there is need for new approaches. Integration of different approaches will offer success. The role of law enforcement officers is critical in addressing juvenile cases. Their attitudes and decisions determine the justice accorded to juveniles. The community has top work in conjunction with law enforcement agencies in combating delinquency. Rehabilitation facilities should present juveniles with opportunities to rebuild their lives and get their focus to the right track. Dealing with delinquents is a delicate matter. It determines whether the juvenile will undergo a worthwhile recollection or indulge in serious crimes. Some law enforcement units have noticed the need of readjustment of their cultures. New approaches such as the community prosecution are proving effective. The law enforcement agencies can still achieve much more in combating delinquency through research and adoption of evidence-based strategies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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