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Restorative Justice Programs in Primary School: Articulating Clear Norms and Behavioral Standards - Literature review Example

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This literature review examines restorative justice and several related concepts. This review discusses the relationship between conflict resolution and RJ. It defines and discusses RJ and its role in schools. This review explores school violence types and the use of RJ to address school violence…
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Restorative Justice Programs in Primary School: Articulating Clear Norms and Behavioral Standards
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Download file to see previous pages Stories express deep desires while presenting masks to the outside world, integrate our experiences, and help us make sense out of the conflicts we face in our daily lives. Other views of conflict resolution studies focus upon what is known as the drama triangle. In a drama triangle there typically is a victim, a villain, and a hero (Harper, 2004). The drama triangle becomes problematic when individuals in the drama triangle see themselves differently than how others in the drama triangle might see them. For instance, A might feel that she is a victim, but B might see A as being the villain. C might see himself as being a hero, but A might see C as being the victim. Etc. (Harper, 2004). How restorative justice and conflict resolution intersect is that RJ enables the parties to talk with one another, which helps each side understand the others’ positions. With basic conflict resolution, there might only be two parties. In advanced conflict resolution, there might be multiple parties (Deutsch, 2000). Therefore, RJ interrupts the drama triangle by assisting parties in recognizing the others’ perceptions of their role in the conflict, whether they perceive themselves as victim, hero or villain. According to Harper (2004), when there is a conflict, every party involved in the conflict feels attacked and victimized and absolves oneself of responsibility, instead of tackling the situation head-on. An individual may begin the conflict as a victim, but, as he or she becomes mistrustful, controlling and fearful, that person may become the villain. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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