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Bureaucracy and administration - Assignment Example

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Bureaucracy and Administration Public bureaucracy is a fundamental part of the United States civil power where they emaciate it more than other counterparts in various developed democracies. Flaccidity of public bureaucracy is as a result of a careful political design and a well-established national culture…
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Bureaucracy and administration
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Extract of sample "Bureaucracy and administration"

Download file to see previous pages Woodrow Wilson, the founder of the American public administration was a public bureaucrat who stated that the English have studied well the art of doing away with executive powers. This motivated the Native Americans and the English to set their governing tones. According to Henry (118), the English and the Indians motivation for bureaucracy were as the result of the satisfaction they got for working for the public and serving the society to bind them closer. Hamilton is another public bureaucrat as well as one of the first public administrators who worked as the treasurer of the bureaucratic system. He was interested in administrative apparatus and contemplated to make investigations of the science and history of civil government. According to Henry, “Hamilton displayed a strong interest in understanding the administrative apparatus of the state…” (p.9). He was determined to write a book on public administration that would make modifications which would give humankind freedom and happiness. He believed that heads should be well paid as they had more power than those who appointed them and the congress to his recommendations. According to Henry (116), Hamilton’s motivation was to make a difference to society. To him, doing good to the public was far more important than doing well for one self. Another motivator was his personal characteristics. Hamilton had the energy and strong interest to understand administration in different perspective and convince people on importance of bureaucracy to the society. He also argued that money does not necessary make the world go round but the happiness of the public and their freedom is what should matter most in public administration. The behavioral bureaucratic proposition dictates that organizational people differ in various ways (Henry 117). There is the administrative man who is defined by rationality, emotional needs and tricks. Economists use models to be able to understand the changes in economy with the change in behavior of men and their activities. Rational men are motivated by their own self interest like making massive profits and will use all resources available to fulfill that. Administrative men understand the behavior of the organization as well as the mission and their interest to the society. According to Henry, “Administrative man has all the unique idiosyncrasies, blind spots, and limited power of psychological man, but, like economic man, also understands the mission and behavior of the organization…” (p.117) Henry (118) also explains unsatisfied bureaucrats who are not impressed by the work they do and demand variation of themes from public administrators. A fraction of the public demand to have job satisfaction, including the people who do not have the intelligence to manage the moods of others as well as not having the ability to comprehend what is required in their jobs. Their motivation, according to Henry (119), is the federal satisfaction which stated that majority of employees were satisfied with their jobs and the left percentage would be rewarded with jobs that met their satisfaction as long the changes did not have negative effects to the organization. According to Henry (119), there are also the frustrated bureaucrats who do not appreciate the way they are treated in their organization. They ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Bureaucracy and Administration Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Bureaucracy and Administration Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Bureaucracy and Administration Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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