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Chapter 2 assignment management & organization 335 - Essay Example

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Indeed, they both adopted and improved Frederick Taylor’s scientific theory. With this, they both offered clear and appropriate guidelines, which managers can use to create an efficient and effective work…
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Chapter 2 assignment management & organization 335
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Management and Organization Response Weber and Fayol have similar ideas about bureaucracy and administration. Indeed, they both adopted and improved Frederick Taylor’s scientific theory. With this, they both offered clear and appropriate guidelines, which managers can use to create an efficient and effective work environment (Jones & George, 2009). They also formed the basis for contemporary theories of motivation and leadership by addressing equity and establishing an appropriate correlation between performance and rewards (Jones & George, 2009). Although Weber addressed the principles of bureaucracy while Fayol addressed administration, the five bureaucracy principles by Weber are similar to the fourteen management principles by Henry Fayol (Jones & George, 2009). As such, it is clear that Max Weber and Henry Fayol were very significant in creating systems that the modern companies across the globe adopted.
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Nevertheless, they have different ideas about bureaucracy and administration. Indeed, while Max Weber believed in the theory of bureaucracy, which had five different principles on how to achieve authority, Henry Fayol Henri Fayol believed in the fourteen principles of management (Jones & George, 2009). In fact, although Fayol appreciated the five bureaucracy principles by Weber, he additionally recognized the fundamental role performed by informal authority (Jones & George, 2009). Moreover, Weber set the standard operating procedures that enhanced the performance of the bureaucratic system while Henry Fayol developed the classical theory, which aimed at enhancing productivity by improving efficiency (Jones & George, 2009). Indeed, while Max Weber considers bureaucracy as a more rational and efficient form of organization, Fayol considers administration as the most effective form of organization. As such, although both have a common goal, they adopt different approaches.
Jones, G. R., & George, J. M. (2009). Contemporary Management Sixth Edition. New York, NY, 10020: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Read More
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