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Introduction to business law - Essay Example

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Introduction to Business Law Executive Summary This discussion stresses upon the functions which are generally performed by the event managers in making a specific event successful, as well as determining the applicable legal regulations concerning health and safety aspects of the audiences and other stakeholders…
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Introduction to business law
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Download file to see previous pages Managers need to remain increasingly concerned about the occurrences of any harmful incidents during the event. For instance, a court might consider several aspects if there occurs a harmful incident due to lack of air-conditioning facilities at the concert as can be witnessed with reference to the incident of Madonna’s concert in the UK recently. The aspects may include complying with the legal rules as well as regulations and making essential approvals relating to the concert. The various responsibilities of a safety manager at Madonna’s concert in Australia would be to construct a safe venue for the viewers or the audiences, offering ample space to the viewers for free movement which in turn shall also render them a comfortable space to enjoy the show without disruptions and appropriately managing the people including the working staffs. Moreover, the other significant role of a safety manager is to monitor various safety aspects for the conduct of an event which includes electrical systems, fire prevention tools and accumulation of surface water among others. Hence, the scope in relation to the duties of an event manager is considered to be quite broader as the manager is entitled with various responsibilities to be performed since the initiation till the completion of the event. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 1.Introduction 4 2.Event Context 5 3.Legal Issues 7 3.1.Overview of the Australian Health and Safety Laws 7 3.2.Legal Considerations 9 5. Recommendations 9 6. Conclusion 11 References 12 1. Introduction As to a recent instance regarding Madonna, it has been viewed that Madonna’s concert has significantly raised tremendous issue relating to health and safety. The demands of Madonna had ultimately resulted in generating huge troubles with health and safety officials concerning the event. The issue was regarding the impediment of air-conditioning as one of the prime demands of Madonna. With reference to the challenges witnessed during this concert, it can be effectively noted that it is quite necessary to manage a particular event or a concert which would emphasise upon looking after the interests of both the artists and the viewers. In order to organize and manage the similar event with Madonna in Australia, laws pertinent with health and safety would be the topmost concern. In this discussion, a detailed report advising Madonna and her management on various legal matters will be taken into concern. The different matters would include determining the appropriate authorities in Australia who are responsible for maintaining the efficiency of event management in relation to health and safety. Moreover, identification of certain matters that a court might consider when analyzing the likelihood of an occurrence of a harmful incident due to lack of air-conditioning facilities at the concert will be discussed. Various aspects such as the work of a safety manager relating to a musical concert, carrying out various safety checks and the duties of a safety manager prior to, during and immediately after the concert will also be portrayed in the discussion. 2. Event Context The nature of the proposed event is about organising a musical concert in Australia for entertainment. The chief artist of the concert would be the famous singer, actress, dancer as well as songwriter, Madonna. The event would likely be held in Australia’s one of the premium indoor venue i.e. ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Introduction to Business Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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