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John Edward Robinson Sr - Essay Example

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“John Edward Robinson Sr.” Robinson was born in 1943; he spent his puberty in Cicero, Illinois. His background was full of crimes such as rape and embezzling since 1984 until they arrested him in June 2, 2000. In 1964 he married Nancy Jo Lync and moved to Kansas City…
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John Edward Robinson Sr
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Download file to see previous pages The Robinson’s moved to a bigger house in Missouri. He worked for the medical practice of Dr. Wallace Graham. In 1969, he was sentenced to 3 years’ probation after embezzling $33,000 from the medical practice. Robinson had sexually propositions about many of his neighbors’ wives and got into a physical fight with one of the husbands. On the other hand, he was involved in many rape crimes most of the victims were young girls (Thomas). In 1984 the first prey for Robinson was Paula Godfrey, she was 19 years old. John hired her to work in his firm. He picked her from her parents’ home to go to the airport but she never was found after that. From 1987-1993 Robinson was incarcerated, first in Kansas (1987-91) on multiple fraud conviction and other fraud convictions and parole violations. In addition, he was using the internet for sexual activities by using the “Slavemaster” as a nickname in the social network sites. Suzette was the way to expose Robinson by her online friendships from around the world who knew she had gone to Kansas city to be with John Robinson. Her friends were worried about her because she no longer appeared online. Also he tried to seduce Lore and she is one of Suzette’s online friends, who lived in Eastern Canada. Lore tried to drag Robinson to find her friend Suzette. There were some telephone calls and email between them, in that time the police was tracking all the calls and emails. The police contacted Lore and told her that they were doing investigation about Robinson and they asked her to continue her relationship with him. Lore wasn’t the only target for Robinson. He was meeting women locally and outside the country. Tiffany Lynn Stasi is a child linked to Robinson, who disappeared 15 years ago after her mother crossed paths with Robinson. She was a 4-month old baby when she disappeared. Police was investigating whether Tiffany was living under another name (Canon). Sources who were knowledgeable of the investigation said “She could have been raised by a couple known to Robinson without ever being legally adopted” (Jury Backs Execution in 'Sex Slave' Murders). Finally, in Missouri, members of the task force found that all five women were killed in the same way, by one or two blows to the head. They found these bodies in two garages that Robinson rented. In 2003, Robinson was sentenced to death in Kansan for the murders of Trouten and Lewicka, and life imprisonment for killing Stasi. The article shows that Robinson victims were 8 women and he was a serial killer. In my opinion, John Edward Robinson is one of the famous serial killers. While searching and reading articles about Robinson I found that he is sick of sexual activity or sexual things, even when he got married to Nancy, he was cheating on her and had many girlfriends everywhere around the world. Then he used internet for such purposes. Also he chose such nicknames that tell about his mentality and his indulgence in sex life. In fact, he loves porn and sexual life. That can be the cause of Robinson crimes. He did many criminal things such as, rape, stealing and killing. Each one of these crimes is related to the other one. For example, rape drives you to kill etc. The second reason that drove him to steal was that he was always expelled from his work and he tried to make his own firm but was haunted by debt. These things happened to him when he was not a part of notorious world. Maybe there is such a devilish force that pushed him to do all these crimes or was mentally ill. In the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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