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Case Study Analysis - Term Paper Example

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CASE STUDY ANALYSIS and SOLUTIONS CASE: CARL ROBINS Institution Name Executive Summary ABC Inc. is facing a serious problem due to the professional negligence towards the job requirements on behalf of the newly hired recruiter Carl Robins…
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Case Study Analysis Paper
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Download file to see previous pages has to be blamed for the current troubling scenario. This paper is an attempt to evaluate the key problems, suggests some handy solutions as well as propose suitable recommendations for the company and employees. Analysis of Carl Robins Case Study Introduction: The knowledge of workplace ethics and personal responsibilities is an integral duty of any employee. When such duties are neglected then wide-ranged problems occur. It is also true that first impressions are always the last ones, most specifically in a workplace setting. Carl Robins’ case is an important example in this regard since he forgot these basic rules and ignored many significant requirements of his post. He is a six-month old recruiter in ABC Inc. and due to his extreme professional negligence, the company is facing several drastic problems, and the newly hired employees are not properly being trained as well. Through his ignorance, Robins has proved himself incapable for this post. This paper accumulates the key issues that are threatening the organization, provides useful suggestions and alternate solutions that might help Carl Robins and ABC Inc. in eliminating this challenging situation. Situation Background: Carl Robins was hired as a recruiter in ABC Inc. only six months back, and so far he has recruited 15 new employees who are supposed to work under the Operations' Supervisor Monica Carrolls. Carrolls has made him in-charge for the orientation so that the new trainees are formally welcomed and could start work from July. Robins has scheduled the orientation date on June 15, and has selected the training hall as the venue without double checking if it is available or not. On 15th May, Carrolls inquires Robins about the basic procedures needed to be fulfilled while recruiting new employees such as their training, orientation preparations, manual's distribution, policy booklets, medical inspection, and drug screening tests. Robins assure her confidently that he has taken care of everything, and preparations have already been instigated for the orientation. However, post the Memorial Day holidays, he realizes that the application process is still half remaining, new employees have not filled out their forms completely, and transcripts are also not present. Moreover, they are yet to undergo the compulsory physical and drugs’ screening test and professional training. Another painful discovery was that only three copies of the orientation manual are available, and many pages containing important information are missing from the files. To add more depth to his misery, he later learns that the room has also been booked by the technology services department, for the whole month to conduct seminars. This is a very disturbing situation for Robins, because time is running out, and he is ill-prepared. Main Problems and challenges There are several significant problems that can be analyzed from the situation for this case. First, pointing out of the most obvious issues is important because there is not much time left and problems are too many. Currently, Robins needs to find a new venue for holding the orientation, and then organize it perfectly. He needs to make sure that the 15 employees complete their forms, and that transcripts are attached to their respective files. In addition, they must go through all the official requirements, including medical examination and drug's test and training before 15th June. Orientation manual also requires proper completion before the scheduled event. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Study Analysis Paper Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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