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Civil liability - Research Paper Example

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Civil Liability Date Abstract Effectiveness and efficiency of federal, state, county, or municipal installations are heavily dependent on the services of dispatch officers. Dispatch officers play critical communications role as they are responsible for transmitting and receiving reliable and correct messages, recording important information, and tracking equipments and vehicles…
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Civil liability
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Download file to see previous pages Civil Liability Introduction It is no doubt that technological advancements across the world have greatly improved people’s way of lives. Nonetheless, these advancements have made human beings to be more vulnerable to technological threats that have compromised their safety. In particular, advancements in the area of telecommunications have called for enhanced measures in public safety telecommunications. In recent times, the United States has been facing increasing threats to the cyber security and resiliency of its telecommunications networks. It is against this background that the government and other stakeholders in the telecommunications industry have enhanced their efforts in ensuring public safety telecommunications (APCO Institute, 1997). They seek to enhance public safety by preventing telecommunications-related emergencies and responding swiftly when such emergencies occur. While the benefits of telecommunications are numerous, there are also liability risks for telecommunications operators and their employees. Telecommunications operators are required to publish information to follow established guidelines relating to public safety telecommunications. ...
City of Hueytown. Facts of the case of Michael Swan v. City of Hueytown On 3rd May, 2000, Michael Swan was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped by Hueytown Police Department officer, Ben Williams. The officer asked to see the driving licenses of the passenger, Swan, and that of the driver. Since Alabama Code, 1975 Section 15-5-30 provides for a sheriff, police, or other officer to stop a car if he suspects is committing, about to commit, or committed a public offense and demand information about the driver or explanations, it is in order that the vehicle in which Swan was boarding to be stopped. Officer Williams then radioed the Hueytown Police Department dispatcher who searched the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database using the information provided to him by Officer Williams to determine whether Swan had outstanding warrants. Officer Williams cannot figure out clearly the kind of information that he provided to the dispatcher, but he testified that he would normally have provided the detainee’s date of birth and name, or his Social Security number, or driver’s license number. Officer Williams was notified by the dispatcher that the City of Birmingham had an outstanding warrant of Swan. Officer Williams sought to confirm and found that indeed Michael Swan had an outstanding warrant (Supreme Court of Alabama, 2005). However, later evidence showed that the outstanding warrants were not for “Michael Swan” but for Michael Swann” (the surname spelt with two ‘n’s not one). Apparently, Officer Williams and the dispatcher failed to react or recognize the difference in spelling the last name. As a result of this discrepancy, Officer Williams arrested Swan and subsequently took him to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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