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Weather and Aircraft dispatch - Research Paper Example

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An aircraft dispatch job is pertinent in the world of aviation. This is because it discusses the basis of sharing responsibility for the command of the safety and operational control of the flight, with the assistance of the pilot…
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Weather and Aircraft dispatch
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Download file to see previous pages This individual makes sure that he authorizes, regulates, controls and then terminates aircraft flights which are in sheer compulsion and accordance with the airline and the regulations as brought forward by the government as well as the policies to maintain and assure safety at all times possible. This is indeed a job that takes care of many significant aspects, most important of which are related with weather control as related with the flights that are being flown worldwide. An aircraft dispatcher’s job is indeed a Herculean one. It is because he has to manage a number of things upon his shoulders. The weight of responsibility always makes him feel that he has to perform his job very dutifully and without any lapse whatsoever. The effectiveness of the aircraft dispatcher is emphasized by the works that he does in the wake of the economics, the operational control as well as the passenger service requirements which are made use of for daily flights on a worldwide basis. Hence the complexity of the job is directly proportional to how expansive his works are and what he has to report at the end of the day. The manner in which the weather information is determined and discerned is very significant because it states the basis of his work that he has to perform at all times (Scanlon, 2003). ...
The aircraft dispatcher therefore has to plan things accordingly (Utley, 2011). He must make sure that flights are prepared with information which includes the maximum allowable takeoff and landing scenarios. These comprise of the weights that have to be studied in-depth nonetheless. He has to see whether or not the flight reports are drawn up properly, adjust the field conditions as well as compile the relevant information and update his own self and the flights with regards to the completion of safe flights. He has to be in the loop as far as preparing the dispatch release on which he alone is the signing authority. This is a legal document that provides relevant authorization for the departure of the flight at a particular time and date (Mahadevan, 2010). Since he has the right to delay, divert or cancel a flight for a number of different reasons, most significant of which are the ones related with unsafe conditions that become a risk for the safety of the aircraft, its cargo, the passengers and the flight itself, his role becomes even more magnanimous all the same. Some of the pros that the aircraft dispatcher has are that he has to see everything in detail. His activities are in line with the safety and security compulsions that come attached with his job. However, the cons are something to speak highly of. These disadvantages comprise of the fact that he cannot relax on his job for even a single moment. Since there are many lives at stake, his role is immensely significant and thus motivation for the job must remain supreme at all times possible (Youngdahl, 1996). What is even more important is how well he has to take care of his issues that engulf his personal life and thus keep them separate from his own ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Weather and Aircraft Dispatch Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
“Weather and Aircraft Dispatch Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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