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Risk Management of Blue Star Airlines - Term Paper Example

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The author analyzes the risks of Blue Star Airlines and states that it must emphasize on effective coordination, safety, and on-time performance. It must create a lean organizational structure and eliminate inflexibility. Employees are motivated enough to take on & challenge conventional wisdom…
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Risk Management of Blue Star Airlines
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Extract of sample "Risk Management of Blue Star Airlines"

Download file to see previous pages Aviation market in Europe has been increasing especially for low-cost carriers and therefore our airlines Blue Star will be started as soon as possible to take the advantage of the booming air travel market. The proposed airlines "Blue Star" is willing to start operations from Vienna (Austria), whose location is more central to Eastern Europe and have the potential to cover Baltic nations (Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania), Poland, Czech & Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Germany, etc. The next important fact that founding partners of the Airlines are from three nationalities and around 45 years of age with 15 years of experience in managing airlines which will prove successful in the long run. Another important fact that airline is starting with 10 same size/carrying capacity and most probably the same type of planes. It becomes easy to handle/upkeep the same type of plans for pilots and other staffs. It any reduce turnaround time and reduce maintenance expenses and training costs. An important fact in starting Blue star is that it is leasing those airports and concentrating on those destinations which are not expensive due to their landing fee or heavy traffic and where national carriers make competition more intense. The most important fact that airlines proposed that its starting capital of $ 100 million consists of only 50% from borrowing in which bank borrowing/short term is only $ 25 million and rest 25% is through long-term bonds. By adopting this method, airline ensures that instant debt-service has to be kept at a minimum. These are the above five important facts, which Blue star kept in its mind to start with and will prove to be successful in the long run.
The next important step is to choose the first 10 destinations, where the passengers' flow is maximum and risk of bad weather; security or political stability is at a minimum. In Europe, Most of the airlines are trying to operate in the east. Due to the integration of Europe, Vienna is the place/hub for most of the airlines in central Europe joining West Europe and Eastern Europe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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