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The Prohibition of Workplace Sexual Harassment - Term Paper Example

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The term paper "The Prohibition of Workplace Sexual Harassment" states that human assets are the most expensive asset in any given organization. These valuable assets should be treated and handled with lots of care as any dissatisfaction might lead to the employees leaving the organization…
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The Prohibition of Workplace Sexual Harassment
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Download file to see previous pages The author explains that organizations need to invest heavily in their human resource department. More emphasis should be put on employee-related issues to protect an organization from lawsuits, which might even lead to the collapse of a business. Dataset technology is a company that has suffered heavily due to legal suits from its employees. Dataset technologies is an organization with its roots in the US and have opened branches in other countries in the world. The company was started in 1997 as a small business unit dealing with information technology equipment. The company started by selling computers and other computer accessories. It has now grown and, it now develops computer programs for governments and other companies. It also offers consultancy in all information technologies related problems. (Jeffers 2005) Its headquarters are based in Dallas Texas in the US. The company is not so popular in the US perhaps as a result of the fact that most of its businesses are done outside the US and specifically in Africa. The company boasts of more than 1500 employees from different origins and backgrounds. Its workforce is probably one of the most diversified in the corporate world. This has been enabled by the organization’s policy on employment where it boasts as an equal opportunity employer. Problem statement The company has suffered several losses from legal suits by its employees resulting from discrimination issues. This has given the company’s top leadership headaches for several days as the company’s reputation is on the verge of deterioration. The company also risks cancellation of substantial contracts with several governments and companies due to the lawsuits which could lead to massive financial loss for the company. The increase of terrorism cases in the world has led to discrimination of Arab-Americans, working with companies who have consequently engaged the company in a bruising legal tussle leading to loss of finances. The discrimination has also led to the company losing some of its highly qualified staff who are of Arab- American affiliation, as well as Arab employees. Employees who are of the Muslim faith have as well reported cases of discrimination in the recent past. This has been escalated due to terrorist attacks in the recent past. Reports of harassment, intimidation, and violence based on one's faith, national origin and race have also been reported. These discriminations escalated after the 9/11 attacks. Employees from the Muslim faith have been demotivated due to this and are living in fear hence cannot produce as expected of them. There have been more than 15 cases reported in Dataset technologies from July last year, which is a worrying case for the company. There are cases where an employee of the Muslim faith has been regarded as a terrorist. So what do workplace discrimination and harassment entail? (Jeffers 2005). Workplace discrimination and harassment Unlawful discrimination, according to the federal and state laws, arises when someone is treated less favorably than other employees in the organization due to his/her color, religion, age, nationality, disability, marital status, sex and other attributes as described in the anti-discrimination legislation. Harassment at the workplace happens when an employee is made to feel frightened, hurt or humiliated due to their race, color, religion, nationality, sex, disability, marital status and other attributes described in the anti-discrimination laws. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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