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Freedom from poverty as a human right (legal perspective) - Research Paper Example

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This research will begin with the presentation of Canadian charter of rights and freedom and Ontario human rights code. The paper presents freedom from poverty as a human right included in the charter, arguments for freedom from poverty as a right, implications of freedom from poverty as a right…
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Freedom from poverty as a human right (legal perspective)
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Extract of sample "Freedom from poverty as a human right (legal perspective)"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that the standard of life in Canada makes it ranks among the developed countries. Despite some steps that it has made, specialists argue that poverty is a threat that Canadian government has not been able to stump. Debates on standards of living usually incline on how best the country has been able to make economic strides while forgetting to look at ways of stumping out poverty. A renowned public figure Adlai Stevenson argued that freedom ceases when a man does not have the ability to curb his hunger. From this perspective, poverty is an issue that infringes human rights. This statement is believable because poverty is the genesis of all problems that man would ever imagine. Poverty survey index in Canada stands at 3.5 million people. Further, the survey report indicates that poverty is currently increasing among the following groups of people youths, young families, workers, immigrants, colored people, and aboriginals. UN Development Index ranks Canada at 4th position, however measuring poverty among Canadian Aboriginals would rank it at position 78 in the same index. This observation is appalling because Canada has had good credibility in economic growth. Organizations fighting for human rights have categorized poverty among factors that deprive man of his rights. The perspective that human rights watch takes intends to create awareness. It is important to note that awareness creation leads to policy development. From this approach, the Canadian government can be able to work some modalities, which would help its citizens from this menace. Argument posted by the Canadian human right watch indicates that Canada has not been able to conclusively some human rights thus permeating room that breeds poverty. It is evident that poverty does exist because of repressive laws, which give opportunities to a few while discriminating upon other groups. Social rights, political rights, civil rights, and economic rights form part of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Canada Parliament House of Common, 2008). These rights influence poverty level in any given community. For instance, violation of social rights such women rights to work would contribute to poverty because it deprives women the opportunity of working in order to elevate poverty. The argument of human rights groups thus point to the legal perspective in fighting poverty. The assumption is policy development in the country depend on the government priority areas. In essence, the government has the ability to devise policy that would support this course of humanity. Pointers of human right achievement subject the country to be among those that fail to observe human rights because its policies on poverty eradication have yielded very little (Kotlowski, 2001). Socialists claim that some human rights may require sensitization in order for the society to realize them (Jacob, 2007). However, it is important to identify the impact of the rights sensitization process before embarking on the program. Active participation in quest for human rights has helped many countries and communities to realize those rights. It is arguable that when the society takes on the right quest the government would be able to enact policies, which would make people to acquire the rights. For instance, the quest for human rights in Canada with regard to poverty bite has to take a legal perspective form. This claim is due to partial compliance with the international human rights treaties that Canada is a party. When addressing poverty in Canada, the key assumption in this argument is that poverty is among human right violation. This would take us to types of human rights. Advocates for human dignity have defined human rights as provisions that are legally binding, guaranteed by laws recognized by international community, of the people administered through the state. This description takes us to three types of human ri ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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