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How does the Two Treatises of Government affect the concept of human right in modern society - Essay Example

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A lingering question is ‘are human beings born with natural rights to property, life and liberty, and do they institute the state to protect these…
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How does the Two Treatises of Government affect the concept of human right in modern society
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Extract of sample "How does the Two Treatises of Government affect the concept of human right in modern society"

Download file to see previous pages Secondly, I will state the philosophy that is most convincing and lastly, I will make a conclusion.
Thomas Hobbes one of the seventeenth-century English philosopher believed that absolutism is the most logical and desirable structure of government (Perry, Chase, Jacob, J., Jacob, M., & Von Laue 2012:250). This kind of thinking was motivated by the experience of the pains of the English Civil war and witnessed the execution of Charles I in 1649. He accentuated that the unlimited power of the sovereign is the only way to suppress the human passions that damage the social order and terrorise civilized life. He suggests that for people to pursue their personal interests there is need for a secure environment that is provided by an absolute rule (Perry, Chase, Jacob, J., Jacob, M., & Von Laue 2012:250).
Hobbes dismissed the authority of religion and tradition and viewed them as not compatible with the political science hence build his political philosophy on a scientific base. In his quest for absolutism he never considered God as the giver of monarch’s power nor was the state under the command of a higher spiritual dominion and its proposition that when a state disobeys God’s law its commands should not be implemented. Hobbes viewed human as grasping and selfish and proposed that human relations are preserved through rivalry and dispute and not through collaboration. Hobbes describes human behaviour as one that is dominated by passion instead of reason. He recommended governance that limits power as the only method of securing human from each other and preserve the life of the civilised (Perry, Chase, Jacob, J., Jacob, M., & Von Laue 2012:251).
On the other hand, John Locke viewed human beings as rational in nature and controlled by a feeling of moral responsibility. He believes that people are in a position to respect the deep-rooted nobility of other people and limit their selfishness. He ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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