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Youth justice in 2011 is tougher on crime than on the causes of crime - Essay Example

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Youth justice is becoming a growing concern in the developed countries to safeguard the legal rights of the young generation indulged in criminal activities. …
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Youth justice in 2011 is tougher on crime than on the causes of crime
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Extract of sample "Youth justice in 2011 is tougher on crime than on the causes of crime"

Download file to see previous pages Youth justice provides justice to juvenile offenders who are legally not old enough or under 18 years of age. The main purpose of Youth justice or juvenile justice is to provide rehabilitation services to the youngsters rather punishing them. The basic aim of providing rehabilitation services to the youngsters is to prohibit them from future crimes and to lower down their criminal activities. Positive assistance is provided them to them by the involvement of their parents, social workers and probation officers in order to bring the positive changes in the behaviors of the young offenders and to prevent them from any other criminal activities in future. Youth justice in 2011 is tougher on crime than on the causes of crime: an analysis As discussed earlier, juvenile criminal activities are becoming the matter of growing concern for all the legal bodies around the world. Governments are taking special care and interest to minimize the causes of crime and to inhibit the criminal behavior in the youngsters. Recent riots in England have clearly showed the mental stability and the growing aggressive behavior in the young generation of England. ...
ifferent criminologists, criminal activities involve all the public wrong doings committed by the teenagers falling into the age bracket of 12 to 20 years. There are several factors that sociologists believe are responsible for shaping such delinquent behavior in younger generation such as influence of the society, peer pressure and violation of different societal and moral norms. Some children are observed growing with antisocial behavior which may be the root cause of all the criminal activities. It has been observed that juvenile delinquent behavior is most common in age groups of 14 years while it is least in age groups of 17 years (Gilmore, 1990). Factors Contributing in Juvenile Delinquent Behavior: Our society emphasizes on punishing the offender for his crime rather than the cause that made him commit that crime and unless the root cause of the crime is eliminated; this problem will never be solved. Few of the most important factors that contribute in provoking and creating the criminal mindset are: 1- Economic and Social Factors: Criminal behavior is the outcome of pessimistic consequences of social and economical development. Economic and political instability and weak state institutions are responsible for giving rise to criminal behavior. Among other factors; high unemployment rates and low incomes are also included. Such circumstances may provoke the involvement of young people in criminal activities. 2- Cultural Factors: Criminal behavior may also be the outcome of extraordinary efforts to fit in the society one is living in and to meet that standard one can be willing to go at any limits at that point in time one may fail to distinguish between the right and the wrong. Just to meet the status quo, one may be willing to commit any crime to any limit. It ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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