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Gender, Crime & Justice ( social policy studies) - Essay Example

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Topic: Gender Crime and Justice The problem of attrition regarding sexual violence against women normally arises when the police deny the case and do not consider it as a crime mainly because it is a male-orientated department and prefers not to lodge complains of men involved in sexual assaults…
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Gender, Crime & Justice ( social policy studies)
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Download file to see previous pages Or the court may dismiss the case and the trial will not begin. This is unethical and the case of rape ends even before it begins. Even in such modern societies of today, women are constantly being subjected to gender inequality and injustice. Gender injustice can be described as any kind of bias or discriminating behavior done on the origin of gender, be it male or female, just like discrimination is done on the grounds of race, religion, color or creed. However, the issue of gender injustice to women is given great importance by feminists around the world, presently, as compared to male gender injustice. Many laws and regulations have been produced to protect women’s rights from human rights abuse. Crime is defined as any act contrary to law, human or divine, an offence or breach of regulation, a wrong doing, and a sin that is punishable by law. In most cases a crime is a product of free-will, the choice of an individual or group who has weighed the consequences and then committed the act. Crime can also be the result of a mental deficiency, emotional disorder or due to cultural and biological factors. 44% of drug users are said to be involved in crime. International criminals generate almost $10 billion as foundation businesses of international criminal networks. ...
The reasons that accounts for committing crimes like rape and juvenile delinquency are mainly opportunity, dare-devilry, and feelings of bravado, breakdown of values, greed, peer pressures, personal motives, easy access to guns, weak or extreme hold of religion and drug/alcohol addictions. It is observed that people who live with an inferiority complex are more likely to be criminals and also those who desire for power or authority, wanting to attract attention, enjoying risks, who desires revenge or have grown up in violent atmospheres. People who get brainwashed or have no fear of accountability or being caught are also likely to be criminals [Agha: 2006]. However, the rate of women committing crimes is also increasing since the last century. Women are generally thought to be of a kind, loving and gentle nature. They are usually not assumed to be associated with crimes. But the constant race and demand for gender equality, and new face of violent women being shown on television and movie screens has led to the recognition and acceptance of women committing crimes. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report of 1996 showed that a surprising research that 93% of women were arrested for doing crime compared to only 43% of men arrested for being involved in crimes in the time span of last 10 years. These crimes included rape, prostitution and sexual assaults. Men were arrested more for murders, for which only a small number of women were responsible. Both men and women are responsible for the prevailing crime rate in a country and should be punished equally on same grounds and principles with no favoritism or biasness. Lately, a lot of evidences have been presented to proof the fact that more number of women is involved in crimes today rather than men. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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