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Workplace Discriminations - Research Paper Example

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Workplace discriminations are growing everywhere in the world and the case of United States is also not an exception. Discriminations with respect to sex, gender, age, religion, race etc are usually taking place in majority of American workplaces…
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Workplace Discriminations
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Download file to see previous pages Discriminations can occur both in direct and indirect forms. Workplace discriminations affect both the employer and employee in many ways. Employee may face immense damage to his mental health as a result of employment discriminations. Discriminated employee may not show many interests in working hard for the organization and therefore the productivity of the organization may come down. Moreover, workplace discrimination cases may destroy the image and brand value of the company in many ways. Many federal, state and local laws are prevailing in America in order to avoid workplace discriminations; however, these laws are not fully successful in avoiding discriminations at American workplaces. Employees and employers should work together to avoid discriminations at workplaces. This paper analyses various types of workplace discriminations, its effect on employees and employers, federal, state and local laws to prevent workplace discrimination etc. Workplace Discriminations Globalization has brought too many changes in the business world, and exchange of workforce is one among them. Majority of the prominent organizations in the world are currently keeping an extremely diverse workforce to accommodate the true spirit of globalization. However, the cases of work discrimination are also growing day by day due to various reasons. “Discrimination means treating some people differently from others. It isn't always unlawful - some people are paid different wages depending on their status and skills”( Directgov, n.d. para. 1). It can be witnessed in organizational functions such as hiring, promotion, job assignment, termination, and compensation. In places where employment discrimination is strictly prohibited, it may appear in other different forms. Even though cultural differences among workers are one of the major reasons, there are many other reasons for workplace discriminations. Race, ethnicity, gender, stereotyping, or differences in religious beliefs, sexual orientation, marriage, pregnancy, disability, age etc can also cause workplace discrimination in one way or another. Workplace discrimination can affect the productivity and efficiency of an employee negatively. In other words, it can cause damage both to the employee and the employer. Team work is necessary for an organization to function efficiently and the cases of discrimination may spoil the team spirit among the employees. America is one of the most civilized and advanced countries in the world, in which secular democracy exists. However the cases of workplace discrimination are numerous in America compared to that in some other parts of the world. In America, all types of workplace discriminations are prohibited by federal, state and local laws. However, the cases of workplace discrimination are growing every day in America. Different types of workplace discriminations Based on the nature and type, workplace discrimination can be classified as direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment and victimization. Direct Discrimination “Direct discrimination happens when an employer treats an employee less favorably than someone else. For example, it would be direct discrimination if a driving job was only open to male applicants” (Directgov, n.d. para. 3). It should be noted that driving requires many physical as well as mental skills and because of that many companies have the habit of avoiding placing females in such positions. However, if a female comes forward to take the responsibility of a driver, she should be allowed to do so if she has all the other required qualifications to excel in that position. Otherwise, such practices can be labeled as direct workplace discrimination. Since different communities are running different schools, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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