How has Forensic Science Impacted Anit-terrorism Internationally or Nationally - Research Paper Example

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The word of crime and the area of technology have come together to make this world a place of complexity. Crime is on the rise and it can occur in places like schools, colleges, areas of businesses, public places or even right in the middle of the street…
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How has Forensic Science Impacted Anit-terrorism Internationally or Nationally
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Download file to see previous pages Crime is on the rise and it can occur in places like schools, colleges, areas of businesses, public places or even right in the middle of the street. No one is safe from this menace and by no one, it certainly means, not even the Presidents of the countries. We have lively examples of Ronald Reagan, the US President, who was attacked by a gun man but remained safe and another example of President Pervez Musharraf, the former President of Pakistan, who was attacked by suicide bombers while he was marching his way towards his home in Karachi, Pakistan. Crime and criminals patrol at all hours of day and night. Their mission is to inculcate a sense of fear among the people with their unethical acts. They use knives and sometimes hand guns to disrupt the flow of society in acts of theft, robbery and murder. On the other hand, to show their supremacy over the authorities, acts of terrorism are put together by the terrorists to create havoc in the news bulletins across the world. (Larry J Siegel, 2009) But the question that clicks everyone's mind is what is done to cure this world from such acts committed by mercenaries and of narrow mindedness? One aspect of criminal investigation brings us to the widely known concept of forensic science. It is a sort of science that uses scientific techniques to cater and analyze physical evidence in criminal cases. The concept revolves around the crime scene investigation team who collects evidences from the crime scene and sends it to the forensic laboratories for analysis by the forensic examiners. (Howard Silverstone, 2007) Current challenges With ever growing nature of the forensic workers, their challenges have doubled since the past decade. Now the expectations have risen sky high and the authorities just don't want the forensic examiners to work hard in resolving an issue but now they also want from them agility and accuracy. With the increase in terrorist acts, the authorities want an increase in the efficiency of the forensic results. In order to counter terrorism, any evidence ranging from a DNA test of a person to foot prints, from a pencil located at the crime scene to a chewing gum cover, every single object can lead the forensic scientists to glory. Every country in the world has realized that they are not invincible or untouchable. In the past couple of decades events like the attacks on the world trade centre in New York, the Murrah building in Oklahoma city, the bombing of flight 103 in Scotland, the 24/7 attacks in London and with many more on going terrorist attacks throughout the world have certainly put a strong challenge to the forensic authorities to work hard and fight crime and criminals. The importance of the findings from the forensic people is also very crucial because if the scientific evidence carries a false sense of significance, then it could lead to misleading results. They have to be very watchful in their working methods to avoid any incompetence. It is also very important for the forensic laboratories and for the people working in it to be independent in their thoughts, they shouldn't be biased towards anyone and furthermore their findings will be much more meaningful if the federal authorities and any of the senior ranked personnel’s do not interfere in their work to show their mind set and favoritism towards a certain party. Best practices Forensic science is a discreet witness to every criminal activity. No perpetrator can get away with his crime due to the diverse practices subsets of it. Forensic ballistics is one amongst the best current practices in Counterterrorism. This study involves analyzing the bullets, firearms and other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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