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It cannot be dispensed that airport security remains one of the issues of serious concern for most airports in the world since it also touches on safety. As such, airport security comprises of various methods and techniques that are aimed at protecting aircrafts, as well as…
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Interventions in Curbing Aircraft Security
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Download file to see previous pages Current interventions pertaining to airport security are dependent upon technological advancements. One of the pivotal airport security technologies pertains to the use of advanced imaging technology. Most common incidents pertaining to aircraft hijacking are attributable to allowing travelers board planes with weapons or items that could be utilized as weapons to facilitate plane hijacking. Currently, in most airports around the world, travelers are subjected to screening by use of metal detectors. Common explosive detector machines applied in airport security include X-ray machines and buffer machines, which are also referred to as the explosive trace-detection machines. In the United States of America, TSA is developing new airport security scanning machines that only effective in detecting illegal objects in the airports, but also those that are so flexible enough that they do not subject travelers to embarrassing states such as undressing. Explosive detection machines are also applied for checked, as well as, the carry-on baggage. The explosive detection machines can detect volatile substances that emanate from explosives, and utilize gas chromatography technique.
The most conspicuous, yet most controversial of the recent developments is the application of backscatter X-rays to sense hidden explosives and weapons that are hidden on passengers. Such device utilizes the Compton’s scattering technique, which requires travelers to stand near a planar panel so as to produce images with high resolution. In 2008, a technology that allows passengers to walk through the metal detectors without necessarily removing their shoes was advanced and adopted by Israel. This followed the pre-existing devices that were not reliable at detecting metal hidden on shoes or extreme lower parts of the body. However, whereas technologies play a pivotal role in the safeguarding security at airports, some countries go extra miles to employ specially trained personnel whose role is to engage travelers in conversations so as to detect potential threats, rather than solely rely on technologies (US General Accounting Office, 2003). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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