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: Evaluate Stafford Regional Airport Security - Research Paper Example

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They facilitate the transportation of goods, mail and people around the world and locally. Airports represent economic engines for the nations that they serve. They create jobs and support businesses…
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: Evaluate Stafford Regional Airport Security
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Extract of sample ": Evaluate Stafford Regional Airport Security"

Download file to see previous pages ysical security, the airport security force operations in place, security at the airport, the security the airport do not have, and how the security can be improved at the airport. The paper shall conclude.
The physical security at Stafford Regional Airport assures everyone who visits the airport, a sense of safety. For instance, the airport has complete fencing. The perimeter fencing enclosing the airport deters and delays unauthorized persons from accessing the sensitive parts of the airport. Stafford Regional Airport has a body of water, which serves as a physiological and visual deterrent. Both sides of the perimeter fence are clear i.e. there are no trees, bushes, parked vehicles nearby or climbable objects. Surveillance of the perimeter reinforces the effectiveness of the fencing through blocking the unauthorized individuals finding cover around the perimeter. Other growth or bushes obstruct the surveillance team in detecting intruders in the airport grounds (Wells, 1992, p. 85). The parking lot can facilitate someone to crash the fence by use of the vehicle. The pilots have remained vigilant such that they sustain awareness of suspects on the airport grounds. Lighting is the security measure at the designated access points and around the perimeter. Stafford Regional Airport has lighting around the hangars and its designated access points. The lighting is effective in detecting and deterring individuals looking for unauthorized access to the airport grounds. The lighting does not interfere with the operations of the aircrafts. The perimeter lighting enhances both psychological and real deterrent and enables the security personnel to retain the capability of visual assessment during darkness. The streetlight in the neighborhood also provides lighting of the perimeter. The lighting in the outside perimeter facilitates surveillance in the night and upholds the level of deterrent. Lighting around hangars enhances protection against vandalism, theft, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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