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New Media Communication Class - Essay Example

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In the essay “New Media Communication Class” the author discusses the sunlight foundation technologies based on the assumption that openness and transparency, coupled with technology leads to better democracy and governance. This assumption is well known worldwide…
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New Media Communication Class
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Download file to see previous pages The foundation has achieved this through the elimination of the barriers to communication between the political leaders and the general public.
The primary aim of the technology is to strengthen the relationship between citizens and the policymakers to bring about a trust in the Congress. Technology and the internet are the two crucial pillars of the project.
Sunlight transparency ensures that citizens can demand change from the government. It also makes sure that corruption is eliminated from public offices. Civic action plan under the sunlight foundation is carried out through transparency action plan (TAP) summit. It is a City Camp inspired camp that focuses on discussing significant best practices in transparency, the creation of workgroups that foresee the achievement of set goals.
The sunlight foundation is launching a new software/hardware platform IFTTT that users can use to connect their accounts to multiple services to allow actions to one service initiate certain actions to another service. They help citizens perform powerful actions. The channel was launched with two initiators i.e. the president signs the bill, and a bill is scheduled for a vote. If the president signs a bill citizens can send text messages or if a bill is scheduled for voting the citizens can add it to Google calendars. This helps citizens know more about what is happening in the political arena (Carbaugh, 2014). It also helps them Participate more in the daily activities of their government hence enhance civic participation and better citizenship.
This is a blogger mainly concerned about the manner in which parents indulge in very dangerous expeditions, exposing their little kids to imminent problems. In her essay, the blogger is so concerned about the manner in which it has become very hard to maintain anonymity, hence, posing a security y threat.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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New Media Communication Class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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