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Communications Mechanisms and Methodologies within the Unix - Research Paper Example

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The author of the following paper claims that it is possible for an operating system to be mature as well as state of the art simultaneously? If it is UNIX, then the answer would be “Yes.” UNIX has contributed in the Information technology sector for the last 25 years. …
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Communications Mechanisms and Methodologies within the Unix
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Extract of sample "Communications Mechanisms and Methodologies within the Unix"

Download file to see previous pages UNIX communication capabilities have also contributed in High-performance computing sector as a company named Computer Associated International implemented a powerful system “Advantage Gen (release 6.5)”on UNIX platform to speed up the development of J2EE applications and web services (UNIX Update, 2002). UNIX back-end server supports the automatic generation of enterprise java beans facilitated the development teams to develop the J2EE application more efficiently. By the UNIX fast XML proxy support, web services are developed in no time on a distributed system as compared to the previous server architecture.
IBM 32 way UNIX servers were also launched in the year 2001 with the code name “Regatta”. The microprocessor architecture comprises of 1 GHz 64 Bit Power 4. This UNIX server is capable of self-healing technology and to decrease system failures. The system is capable to divide into 16 virtual servers which enable the businesses to unite several machines into one. (E- Week, 2001)
The Client-server model of UNIX was the core components for the growth of the Internet and reshaping of the distributed systems networks. Interprocess communication in the UNIX operating system involves the connection between the system components logically and physically. It supports real-time network applications which allow the user to exchange messages in an interactive session. UNIX is known as a command line interface due to the nonexistence of a GUI environment Today UNIX is equipped with a GUI along with dynamic communication functionalities. Some of the registered UNIX products are HP-UX, IBM AIX, SCO UnixWare, SGI IRIX, Sun Solaris etc.
The pipe is used to transfer information between two processes. The pipes are also called special files, which only save a limited amount of data. The pipe uses FIFO (First in First Out) mechanism to retrieve data. The data is written at one end of the pipe and can be read on the other end.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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