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Advanced Fire Administration - Essay Example

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Most of these people are found in Willamete Valley, in Oregon. The political, economic, and social environment within these people is stable. Large global companies have a presence in…
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Advanced Fire Administration
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Download file to see previous pages These businesses range from groceries, computer shops, to supermarkets.
These business organizations recruit their staff from all over America. The companies also have a quota system in their recruitment strategies aimed at recruiting local people, for purposes of appealing to the locals in relation to the sale of their products. Big business organizations within my community promote environmental and social initiatives. These are their strategies of creating a positive brand name, within the community.
The literacy level of people within my community is over 70%, and this is because of huge investments in school, and other tertiary institutions that offer knowledge. This attracts investors because of the availability of labor and the necessary skills for running an organization (Varone, 47).
The Federal and State government ensures that there is adequate security by building police stations, and setting up judicial court houses. This is for purposes of ensuring that the trial conducted is fair, and speedy (Grosshandler, 62). The government has invested on health care provision by building numerous hospitals, and staffing them with highly qualified health care providers. Because of this, my people are assured of better medical care attention. Politically, the environment within my community is stable, with the major political parties possessing an equal membership.
That is the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party. On different occasions, political intolerance emanates amongst the residents of my community, and this might be on the different views the members of opposing political parties possess. My community also enjoys a number of social facilities built by the government, and private individuals. This includes stadiums, restaurants, night clubs and casinos.
In identifying the issues that the fire department should focus on, the first step is to identify the activities within Oregon that might trigger an outbreak of fire. To effectively ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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