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The Role of Communication in the Shaping of British Identity - Assignment Example

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This paper «The Role of Communication in the Shaping of British Identity” summarizes that if 200 years ago correspondence by mail was a high society’s privilege, then with the advent of the telegraph, telephony, and then the Internet, everyone can learn any news instantly and simply…
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The Role of Communication in the Shaping of British Identity
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Extract of sample "The Role of Communication in the Shaping of British Identity"

Download file to see previous pages The days of hand-carried messages, such as during the Battle of Marathon, had a very particular effect for countries.  While the story of a lone runner making the twenty-five-mile journey to ask for reinforcements might be somewhat historically inaccurate, it still serves as an example of the ways in which people were forced to communicate in order to accomplish various tasks in everyday life.  In particular, England during the nineteenth century grew in such a way because of changes in the communication.  Of all of the various forms of communication that were developed during this time, there were three that were of the utmost importance.  In particular, the newspaper, postal service, and the railways grew in such a way as to change the way the entire country communicated, not only within the confines of the country but abroad as well.  Not only did these three developments change the way people communicated, but it changed the national identity of the country as a whole.
England was a far more multi-cultural country in the nineteenth century than during current times.  With a myriad of languages being spoken between England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, a unified national identity was lacking due to the difficulty in communication: “There is a special kind of contemporaneous community which language alone suggests” (Anderson 145).  The only identity that could be said to exist in Britain was a fragmented identity.  There is always a sense of otherness between two groups who speak different languages.  Two people from the same country who speak different languages will have a harder time communicating and identifying with each other than two people from foreign countries who speak the same language.  However, at the turn of the century, the spread of English newspapers helped to dissolve the differences to a certain extent.  Wales and Scotland will always have a sense of their own cultural history in regards to England, though with English being by far the dominant language in both regions, their identity can only be seen through the lens of English as a language.  Newspaper helped to create a more solidified national identity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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