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There are various ways and procedures through which people view different ethnicity and social identity systems such as religious groups in the society (Karpov, Elena Lisovskaya, and David 638). Furthermore, in most cases there are occasions and situations where individuals…
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Cultural profile
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Download file to see previous pages Social groups mostly share a number of characteristics including involving the use of a common language, sharing cultural values and also sharing norms and traditional values (Chelidze 12). The Muslim based believers are also mostly portrayed badly as well as negatively by the media systems in the society (Chelidze 10). For example, I totally support Muslim faiths, and I have experience a number of discrimination and prejudices in the society. This usually provides bad relationship and poor interaction between Muslim individuals and other people the society. Stereotypes, discrimination, as well as prejudices based on individual cultural identities and ethnicity systems, form some of the problems that the Islamic-based religious individuals are facing in the United States (Chelidze 13). According to recent religious studies and reports, racial group, ethnicity as well as religious group of an individual role play a greater role towards various social activities in their life including their marriage practices, communication practices and their perceptions about life in general (Verkuyten 357).
Therefore, the main aim and purpose of this paper is to discuss various social identities and religious beliefs and values including the Caucasian ethnicity, as well as the Islamic religion. The paper will specifically deal with the social identities covering ascription as well as avowal identity systems and how it influences my social interaction with others in the society
The Caucasian race is mostly found in North America, Europe, parts of Asia as well as in some regions in Africa. Historically, various historians believed that there were two races especially the Mongolians and the Caucasians. According to these anthropologists, the Caucasians were more likeable and intelligent than Mongolians especially due to their light skin and moral values (Verkuyten 355). The Caucasian group was also closely associated with individuals ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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