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How Do You Account for the Predominant Ways in Which Mainstream Media Covers War - Term Paper Example

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The "How Do You Account for the Predominant Ways in Which Mainstream Media Covers War" paper analyzes how CNN and Al-Jazeera covered and importantly ‘showed’ us the Iraq war. The author finds out by using Chomsky’s model how predominant ways is not the perfect way to go about for CNN and Al-Jazeera. …
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How Do You Account for the Predominant Ways in Which Mainstream Media Covers War
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Extract of sample "How Do You Account for the Predominant Ways in Which Mainstream Media Covers War"

Download file to see previous pages Our world since its origination has been a ‘hotbed’ of activity. And an omnipresent media covers all these activities including the important at the same time destructive human activity of war. That is, normally in a war, there will be two sides each having their own reasons, issues, goals, strategies, etc. And to present these things, the two sides will use the media or the media will side with any one of the two sides, with unbiased reporting having no say. So, after the siding takes place, the mainstream media in the form of television will dominate the airwaves as well as the mind waves of the audience, ‘injecting’ their view as our view. And these dominant ways influence every nation, even if they are not involved in the war, “a degree of trans nationalization of the media. Coverage could come from a broader range of locations, more quickly and be beamed back across the world” (Brown 2003, 4). And the television only brought into focus the important ‘hotspot’ of Iraq. 

CNN, the acronym for The Cable News Network, is the USA based channel, founded by Ted Turner. CNN rose to fame in 1991 with the coverage of the First Iraq war. That is, when the bombing of Iraq by the USA is taking place over Baghdad, CNN was the only news channel, which communicated from Iraq during the initial hours of the American bombing campaign. Actually, its camera crew stationing in the al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad gave covert, live, greenish night-vision shots of the Baghdad skyline with tracers and explosion lighting the night sky, at the same time killing the people.

Even though CNN cannot be accused or even asked about these causalities, they can be accused and asked whether they covered the war in a predominant way. The same question is also asked even now with the Iraq invasion and overthrowing of Saddam Hussein. And CNN with its team of reporters, cameraman and crew got well entrenched in Iraq and gave a 24-hour coverage of the war.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Do You Account for the Predominant Ways in Which Mainstream Media Term Paper.
(How Do You Account for the Predominant Ways in Which Mainstream Media Term Paper)
How Do You Account for the Predominant Ways in Which Mainstream Media Term Paper.
“How Do You Account for the Predominant Ways in Which Mainstream Media Term Paper”.
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