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This paper declares that an assessment of the author's nuclear family system will involve the description of the interactions of the concepts and aspects in terms of Systems Theory. The concepts include Interdependence, Influence of size, Synergy and Adaptability to change…
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Systems Theory and Small Group Communication
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Journalism, mass media and communication Systems Theory and Small Group Communication An assessment of my nuclear family system will involve the description of the interactions of the concepts and aspects in terms of Systems Theory. The concepts include Interdependence, Influence of size, Synergy and Adaptability to change (Benson, Berger & Mease 102). The theory describes the interconnection of the elements in the family system, whereby a change in one of the element will have an effect on all the other elements.
1) Interdependence
According to the systems theory, interdependence refers to the interconnectedness of each part of the system, and for the case a nuclear family system. The interconnection of the family system members affects the performance of the other parts of the family system. The changing of one part of the system will lead o the change of the entire system because they are interdependent. For instance, one family member who is dysfunctional will affect the entire nuclear family. If one family member has issues with drug abuse or passes away, the rest of the entire family will be impacted. The subsystems and individual family members who comprise of the family system are mutually dependent and influenced upon one another (Benson, Berger & Mease 103).
2) Synergy
The concept of synergy in the family system occurs where the performance of the entire system collectively will exceed expectations based on the individual ability of each family member. According to the family systems theory, a family will accomplish more by interacting together rather than each member working alone. For example, when the family members work together to improve their financial status, they will easily achieve the common goal as a unit. It is because of the deep diversity that exists among the family members such as the differences in task skills that include abilities, values, perspectives and problem-solving strategies. Negative synergy will also occur where the family members working together will produce a worse result on the basis of the perceived unconstructive abilities and skills of the members.
3) Influence of size
The size of the group will influence the effectiveness of the group (Benson, Berger & Mease 100). The systems theory argues that a small or a minimum group size is the best needed group size so as to complete tasks because when the group is too large, problems develop. For example, a large family system is complex since there are likely to be more factions and cliques making decision making to be more difficult. Social loafing will also increase in the family as well as the decrease in family member satisfaction thus making the interaction in the family system to be ineffective.
4) Adaptability to change
The concept refers to the adjusting of the group boundaries interactions in response to the changing conditions. According to the systems theory, families are constantly changing, adapting or responding to the daily events to have a sense of balance. In the absence of the adaptability to change in the family, the dynamics or rules of the family will need to be adjusted. For example, a family that adjusts to changing conditions effectively will be able to maintain consistency despite the challenges that may come up over time.
Works cited
Benson, L., M. Berger, and W. Mease. Family Communication Systems. Small Group Research 6.1 (2010): 91-105. Web. Read More
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